Sunday, January 29, 2012

January - A month in my rear view

 Where did January go? It's all but over. Despite the fact this month comes after my favorite time of year, October - December, fall, football, Thanksgiving, birthdays and Christmas, I love January.

It's when all the noise and busyness eases to the back of the bus and I can focus on writing. But this time, January came with a delightful hustle and bustle.

Hubby's parents came for two and a half weeks, along with sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law and family, plus, dealing with daily issues with our ailing nineteen year old cat.

I love a full house. It makes for a full heart. Though there was a sliver of sadness when we had to say goodbye to Red, El Cato extraordinaire. He just couldn't go on and it was time to end his suffering.

Writing was a bit hit or miss, but I'm on my rewrite now, looking forward to buckling down in February and getting 'er done!

I do love ruminating over a book though. And even if I'm not butt-in-chair, fingers-to-the-keyboard writing, the story is always on my mind, and in my heart. I play with tag lines and high concept pitch lines in order to clarify the story.

How about you? How's your January going? How does the year look for you? I have a sense of expectancy. Excitement. Like a lot of things we've all been waiting for are going to happen. At the very least, have the opportunity to happen.

I pray about the sense in my heart, partnering with God for His good pleasure to be accomplished in my life. You know, it's where a lot of us makes mistakes in our relationship with God. We assume God said it so it's going to happen. Fer sure!

But most of the time God's words to us or "sense of something" is an invitation into a divinely more intimate relationship with Him. It's about partnership. We must agree with Him to bring it about. We can't sit on the side lines, waiting.

Yeah, there are some FOR SURE promises. God will make it happen. But those are more rare than we like to think.

It's like this... The coach says he's going to put you into the game. "Hauck, you're going in some time this year."

"Okay coach, thanks!" 

Hauck shows up to practice every day and... sits on the bench. Just waiting. To be called in. Hauck never prepares for the day Coach says, "You're up. Get in there. Go make me proud."

Hauck hops off the bench, barely, cause she's so out of shape and stiff from sitting. She's mentally foggy and well, she's not going to make the coach proud.

Sometimes I think this his how we approach our walk with the Lord. Waiting. Sitting. Being passive when we could be training for whatever He's called us to do. How do we train?

Be in prayer. Be in the Word. Be in fellowship. Do justly. Love mercy. Walk humbly with our God. Seek. Ask. Knock. Fast. Do the stuff, you know?

He'll give you hope, promises and encouragement a long the way. And when He finally calls you into the game, you're in agreement with Him, in shape, ready to "play."

I'm believing God for good things this year. And it starts right now when I can't see or hear the future. It begins with faith in my heart. Agreement with God about who He says HE is and who I am. It begins on my knees.

What about you? Are you training for what God has for you this year? Let's go! Let'd JUST DO IT!



Brenda said...

Love this post, Rachel. So encouraging and inspiring. Love that we can begin again at the start of a new year, day or moment by moment when we need to. It all begins on our knees. Thankful that God is always at work. Thanks for the reminders :)

Rachel Hauck said...

Thanks Brenda! Everything begins on our knees, doesn't it?