Monday, January 02, 2012

Home from the Game

I'm glad to be home from the game. The Gator Bowl. Not because my team lost. But because it's always good to be home. It was cold in Jacksonville. Brrr... But sunny and beautiful. 

Husband and I had a good time! The faithful Buckeye fans out numbered the Gator fans -- and your team played in your home state! Tsk-tsk.But in the end, fielding one of the worst football teams I've seen in awhile couldn't win all those red shirts and crazy Buckeye hats the game. 

The team wasn't bad -- I mean -- the talent is there. But it literally looked like OSU didn't even review tape of the Gators. Special teams really won the game for the Gator baiters. ;) 

Yet OSU couldn't pull it together.I wonder... was it the price of the sins of our past? If so, let's hope it's paid in full. By the way, can we NOT do the whole UbanNation thing? We have enough "nations" going on in NCAA "nation." ;) 

 We ate at Cracker Barrel on the way home. They had a fire in the fireplace. Thank you very much! The dining room was full of sulking Buckeyes. We were comforted by each others silent presence. 

 In the mean time, I had lots of fun with my new Nikon. Took lots of pictures. I'll post later. 

Yesterday I preached in church on the Authority of the Believer. It was good. I was glad the Lord gave me something to share with the body of Christ! Rock on, Believers! Go for it! 

 Back to today. I"m still a Buckeye through and through. Funny how deep alma mater loyalties run. 

 Tomorrow, back to writing A Royal Affair. 

 Tomorrow, the official release of Love Lifted Me.


Sarah said...


It's no fun to lose, but I love your positive spirit! I'm a Purdue student, but just came back from visiting my Buckeye fan family members in Columbus. I consider myself an honorary Buckeye fan (I root for them unless they are playing Purdue)!

I just finished reading Lost in NashVegas and I loved it! You got me on the big reveal of relationships at the end! I wasn't expecting that! I love how you incorporated real Nashville spots too. I read Diva NashVegas a couple years ago. I LOVE country music and Nashville and my faith is very important to me. I was so excited when I found those two books-the perfect combination!

Best of luck in the new year!

Rachel Hauck said...

Hey Sarah,

Thanks for coming by! So glad you like the Nashvegas books. Those were fun to write!

Yeah, I cheer for the Big Ten when the Buckeyes aren't playing! Although I felt rather forced to root for Michigan last night after the miserable showing of the Big Ten in bowl games.

Purdue won, right? And Michigan State.


Sarah said...

They did! It was nice to get to a bowl game finally after a few years of not making one.

It's always hard to cheer for Michigan! I found myself pulling for them as well, though.