Thursday, January 05, 2012

Is God Helping Tim Tebow Win Games?


Press pause. I'm not a Broncos fan. I don't know their current record. I'm not even sure if they are still winning... I just know they were and the big whoopty-do in the media was the question, "Is God helping Tim Tebow win football games?"

Yes! Absolutely. Please, God, help Tim win games.

Help me write a book. Help Tony teach math and be a pastor.

Help the father raise his children. Help the mother do her job to the best of her ability.

Help the pilot fly the plane. Help leaders lead. Help Obama be president.

God the Father is so kind a gracious He gives us gifts and duties, He maps out a destiny and He enables us to do the very thing He wants us to do.

So why wouldn't God help Tim Tebow win football games? He's gifted him. He's enabled him. He's called Tim to play football in this season. I'm sure it's part of Tebow's QB job duties to "win football games." Otherwise, the Broncos would have a different quarterback.

The difference, and why people get all offended by the idea that God helps Tebow, is that we don't think He's helping us.

Many years ago Tony said to the kids sitting in youth church, "I'm God's favorite."

I could physically feel the air in the room deplete as about forty kids sucked in a desperate gasp. What?! You're His favorite?

Because the immediate assumption is, "What about me? I'm not His favorite?"

Beloved, you are also His favorite! It's this kind of confidence that puts us on our own "football" fields and makes us winners.

Technically, Tebow is not the best quarterback. He has an odd throw -- kind of a pump-n-pass. So I hear. But the Lord loves Tim's heart when he gets out on the field and operates in complete confidence that he is doing exactly what God has called him to do. He taps into the love and favor of the Lord!

Same with me. When I write, I know I'm not the best writer out there. Not even close. The lack of awards on my shelf is proof. Yet I know the Lord is with me. I know He helps me write books. I know He gives me favor with the publishing community. Why? Because I'm doing what He's called me to do. And He loves that I lean into Him in the midst of my weakness.

But don't take my word for it. Let's check some Bible on this.

Psalm 90:17

Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us;
And confirm for us the work of our hands;
Yes, confirm the work of our hands.

Confirm the work of our hands! To me, that sounds like winning. Succeeding. Taking those small steps forward... toward a goal.

1 Corinthians 2:9


Do you love Jesus? He's prepared amazing things for you! Tim Tebow loves Jesus, and from the outside, he appears to honor Him with his life on and off the field. Why would God NOT honor him with success in his calling?

And why not for you, too? Come on, now. Take off your mad, sad God hat.

John 10:10

Jesus said, "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly."

God is not the thief or destroyer, Satan is. Jesus is the one who gives life! Reach for life. Reach for His favor.

If you love Jesus, if He's your Lord and Savior, if you have the Holy Spirit, why would the Lord not give you every thing you need to life godly and righteous?

He does! He will. He already has!

So, if God is helping Tim Tebow win football games, what can He help you achieve?


Melissa Tagg said...

Rock on, Rachel! I love this post. I believe God is helping me achieve in my writing dream, but also personally...I just want to be "more" this year. And you're so right...he doesn't call us to follow Him and then leave us to do it alone. Great stuff. (And this is coming from a girl who's more basketball-inclined than football...but who still has a healthy love for Tebow. Emphasis on the word healthy...I think.)

Joel Hayes said...

Awesome Post Rachel and definately right on the button. I've heard many on sports talk shows ask the question does God help other Christian players too? Of course I sit there in front of the TV and speak out loud " YES, of course he does!" That is where, as Christians, we have to affirm the Holy Character of God and His love and mercy for those who love Him and you do an awesome job of that in the post.

Beth K. Vogt said...

You are brilliant.
And you are God's favorite ... and mine too.
Thank you for these words and especially thank you for that last question: So, if God is helping Tim Tebow win football games, what can He help you achieve?"

I'll let you know.

And FYI: Psalm 90:17 is one of my life verses as a writer!

Rachel Hauck said...

Thanks for commenting. I really think we need to change our perception of the Lord.

He is FOR us!!


Jennifer K. Hale said...


My hubby is a huge NFL fan and Tebow is a topic of conversation in our house quite frequently. I love this post. Thanks so much for sharing. Not only can I pass it on to the NFL fans in my life, it really spoke to me today in just the way I needed. I appreciate it!

Piper Bayard said...

Hi Rachel. Love the positive approach. All the best.

Anonymous said...

People forget God is omnipresent and omnipotent.God calls us the apple of His eyes.If we yield ourselves to Him we can be His favorite as well all at the same time.Absolutely God can help Tim win and help starving children all over the world.He promises to bless the work of our hands.Btw Broncos will win.This is a set up by God imo.His name will be glorified through this win.He uses foolish and weak things to glorify His name.

Rachel Hauck said...

We forget God has put it in our hearts to love what He loves. I think He loves football.

Even more, if we love something that is good and right, and not an idol or sin in our lives, God loves it. Think of a parent... how many of you like something because your kids liked it? God is a FATHER! He loves what His children love.

Anonymous -- I'm not sure the Broncs will win it all in the end. That's the misconception. If God loves and helps Tebow then Tebow MUST win the super bowl. Or win all his games. Or be the best EVER. Not true. In our weakness He is made strong. Every time we fail and fall, and get up again, HE is glorified. Not always when we win in terms of natural success. But when we win but yielding our hearts to Him and honoring the Man God desires to be lifted up most, Jesus.

Peace y'all!


Teri Dawn Smith said...

Of course God loves and helps all His children!


I too believe God is with us always. I pray daily that he will make me a good teacher....and Tim prays that God will be with him during a game. Good post.

Pat Trainum aka P. T. Bradley said...

What perfect scripture verses! They were just for me this morning. Thank You, God!
So agree with you, Rachel, that God gifts us and honors us when we use our gifts to His glory. He wants us to succeed! Great post.

Rachel Hauck said...

Thanks Pat! Good to "see" you!


Ann H. Gabhart said...

Great post, Rachel. Our problem as humans is that we can't conceive of how big God is. We think if He helps one person, He'll not have anything left to help us. We think that we shouldn't bother Him with little things. We can't conceive of the magnitude of His power - the power to be there for all of us in every part of our lives and to somehow have us all as His favorite child. We can't do that in our lives, but God can. I once ran across this quote - "If God has a refrigerator, your picture is on it."

Rachel Hauck said...

Ann, I love this: If God has a refrigerator, your picture is on it!

How incredibly true! How He loves us, Oh how He loves us!


Leanna Ellis said...

Awesome post, Rachel! And I am a fan of the Broncos…before Tebow ever arrived in CO. ;) But loving Tebow. Have you read his book?



Rachel Hauck said...

Le, no I haven't read his book. I should get it! :) Love how the Lord is using him.


Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

I'm currently reading Tim's book. It was interesting to see how he is looking to the Lord throughout his football journey. He's definitely a passionate and hard-working player. He's honest too about his intensity, desire to win and competitiveness which I appreciated. He knows God made him that way. His dedication to sharing the Good News is evident already through his media exposure, but it was neat to read about exactly how he does it behind the scenes too.

Haley said...

Wonderful post! It's refreshing to see a level-headed, straight-up, biblical, Christian review on this issue. Thanks for being sensible and usable. Keep up the awesome blog!