Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Break! See you in September

Over the past week, I began to feel a stirring in my spirit to "hush up."

Since '02, I've been a blogger, beginning with Diaryland. Blast from the past, no? Then I moved to a Blogger driven web site and dutifully blogged.

I was on MySpace in '05, and was one of the first authors to consider cyber sites to promote books and gain readers.

Joined Facebook the moment I heard it opened to non students. Seeing the importance of social media, I've tried to balance my life with cyber social life, but lately, I've felt myself begin to "shout."

My perspective was becoming skewed, my identity becoming about building a vocal, but unseen audience.

The Lord's just confirmed to me it's time to take a cyber break. Even as I write, I feel excited in my spirit!

I love y'all! I've made some amazing friends on Twitter and Facebook and I'm going to miss everyone, but the days will fly by!

We don't have Dish or cable so hubby and I are talking about reading books together and discussing them. I'm reading one now on praying in tongues and it's stirring me to go deeper in God, to become the woman He's called me to be! We forget how FOR us He is!

I'm a part of a writer's group that posts book releases for each other, so I'll continue to post those, but otherwise, I'll see you in September!

Have an amazing, God kissed summer!!


Anonymous said...

Have a great summer Rachel. Funny, I was just thinking that my ego is getting caught up in social media, and maybe it's time for a break from blogging (except for my photography site). Your words hit me.
On another note, I am reading Love Starts with Elle which I heard about through social media!

Lynette Sowell said...

I hear you, friend. My life has grown so much bigger beyond the computer, and I'm so thankful for the richness God has shown me in the world around me. He'll take care of the rest, and I just need to stay balanced. Have a blessed summer! :)

Kim Cash Tate said...

You are SO speaking to my heart, Rach! I've been struggling with the same kind of thing, feeling that I need a break. I've already stopped doing weekly devotions, which I'd written and posted for almost two years. "As the Spirit leads" is where I am with that now. Lately, whenever I read something that says I HAVE to consistently blog and interact with social media, I roll my eyes. Not a good sign, huh?

Given that I've got a book to write this summer (and tons of other REAL LIFE stuff to do :)), a summer break sounds like a great prescription. You've just put something on my prayer list!

Oh, and I'm glad this doesn't mean I won't be hearing from you. Still looking forward to the Twumber Tweekend!

Rachel Hauck said...

Thanks for the support friends! It means a lot, Lynn, to your point about discovering "Elle" through social media... that's the power!

But I was starting to feel like I had to shout to make sure everyone heard about me and my books. It's God who shouts my name.

Love that verse where He says "what we talk about in secret, I'll shout from the roof tops."

My PR manager ;) is telling me to settle down, whisper, go into the inner room.

KIM! Girl, you know you're going to see me soon. Twumber Tweekend! Woot. I have a book to write this summer too and I want to get it done quickly. You got my number anyway!

Lynette, you are so right. The world is wide and bigger.

Email if y'all need me. I will be on email.


Kim Cash Tate said...

Girl, I had to come back over here when I read your comment. "It's God who shouts my name." That'll preach!! I'm hearing the same things from my PR manager. I think we've got the same one. :) We don't walk as the world walks. We don't need to make it happen. "Have faith in God," Jesus said--and I just read it this morning. He can do so much more in such greater fashion than we could ever think to do ourselves--social media power or no!

Go, girl! Walk by faith. Watch Him work!

Hugs to you too!!

Courtney Walsh said...


Wow. Summer, unplugged! What a GREAT idea! I am considering having one unplugged day for my family every week, but you've challenged me to rethink this. How much time would I have if it weren't for the internet?? Hm... I don't know...

Definitely something to consider.

Have a wonderful, wonderful summer!

Peggy Blann Phifer said...

Good for you, Rachel. Reading all summer with the hubby sounds delightful and I'm jealous.

Enjoy your time of R & R & R: Rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Rachel Hauck said...

Kim! I knew we had the same PR manager! He's everywhere!

Courtney, email me again, we need to finish your therapy!

Peg, thanks! I'm doing okay. Actually glad to not have the pressure to Tweet!

Love y'all!

Rel said...

Will miss you, Rach but when God speaks it is worth it to listen, eh?!

Will you still accept an email g'day every now and then???

Hugs and blessings to you and your fella :)

Sharon Ball said...

Rachel, have an amazing summer and enjoy going deeper in the Lord. I can't wait to read about the fruit your time with Him produces in you and your hubby and those you both touch. Blessings, my dear.

Rachel Hauck said...

Rel, you know you can always send me a G'day email! I am still on email. Can't leave it all behind and be a good business women!

Sharon, friend, thank you so much! I appreciate you.

BTW, y'all, I really didn't remember writing "God shouts my name" until Kim pointed it out.

Don't you know, someone emailed me yesterday and said I was in the Top Ten author list on.... Shoutlife! I never go on Shoutlife. Maybe 4-5 times a year. And I was number 8.

I don't like to over read into these things but for some reason, that spoke to me.


Cecelia Dowdy said...

Wow, have a fun, God-filled summer! Sounds line you'll have a blast of a time, spending it with your hubby and with God!

Sara said...

Have a great summer! I understand needing the tech hiatus, but I'll miss your blog. I am a pretty new follower.

I'm reading another of your books now (the third I've read) & will probably try to get through the rest this summer!

Sharon Hayes said...

This is so wonderful Rachel, quiet & peaceful. Love you, Tony & your hearts toward the Lord. He will bless you both.

Enjoy this special time together.

Rachel Hauck said...

Thanks Cecelia and Mom!

Sara, thanks for the follow and shout out on the books! Lovely to meet readers. Looking forward to interacting with you later on in the summer!


Jodie said...

This has been a weird day. I started thinking about a week ago it was time to back off of Twitter, FB, and the like. And this week, SO MANY PEOPLE have echoed that. I think the kicker for me was Chip's blog post today. Wow. I think GOD is shouting at me...

Have a great summer!

Rachel Hauck said...

Thanks Jodie. I thought Chip's blog was interesting too! Maybe the Lord is promoting all of us to "be still" for awhile.

See you in the fall!