Sunday, May 02, 2010

Five Ways to Help An Author!

I love interacting with readers and bookworms. Most writers I know are extremely blessed by their fans and readers, and love hanging out with them in person or cyber space.

With social media on the boom and online book clubs, reviews and blog sites growing, I thought I'd chime in with my two cents on five ways readers and fans can help their favorite authors.

1. Word of mouth and general enthusiasm is the best form of publicity. Tell people about the books and authors you like. Don't be shy. Ask your library or book seller to order your authors' books.

2. Write a review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, CBD and other book seller sites. The review should be helpful, honest and clear. If you pan a book or rave, give a reason as to why you've formed your opinion. Remember, writing is an art. It may not be done in the way you prefer, but was it done well? Did the book impact you in some way? Let others know how.

3. Follow your favorite writers on Facebook or Twitter. Post to their Wall. Retweet their Twitter conversations about writing. More than likely, they'll tweet back to you!

4. Tough one here. Buy their books whenever possible. Sales numbers are critical to the success of the publisher and the author. A really great author with low sales figures can quickly find himself without a publisher. Writing is art. Publishing is a business.

5. Pray. I don't know a single writer who doesn't need a boat load of prayer. Ask the Lord to be with your favorite writer.

Above all, know how much writers appreciate you!

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