Monday, July 13, 2009

Naked Christian Girls

Caught your eye, didn't I? I've been thinking about this topic for awhile, then last night I learned Heidi Montag from MTV reality shows, most recently, The Hills, is a Christian. Well, so I discovered after following a Twitter rabbit trail where I ended up on her husband's, Spencer Pratt, Twitter.

Not knowing much about her, I Googled her and "Oh, MY EYES!"

Wow, Heidi boobs and butts abound in cyberspace. Then, I discover she's all set for a fancy Playboy feature (the word spread just has too many other connotations) this September.

My heart is breaking. Heidi, you say you love Jesus yet you behave in such an immodest, lustful manner?

Jesus writes, "My sheep hear my voice," and "If you love Me, why don't you do what I say?"

The Apostle Paul writes to not behave in sensuality and immorality. To not be driven by our fleshly lusts. (Gal 5:19)

Heidi, you have so much beauty and by that power. You can influence young women toward purity (not prudity,) respecting themselves and their bodies, therefore causing men to respect them.

Sweetie, do you realize what men and boys will be doing when they view your naked body, alone, say, in their bedroom or bathroom. They are not going to be thinking, "Great work of art, let's go throw some football."

You're causing husbands, brothers, fathers to lust and sin in their hearts betraying the wives they love.

Why not use your platform to raise the bar. Song of Songs 2:15, "... do not spoil the vine while it is in bloom."

Impressionable young women are watching you. I know it's hard to be put on the role model pedestal, but it's too late. You are there.

The same with Carrie Prejean. Google her and see the pictures that come up. Beautiful girl, but how can her Christ message be taken seriously? How does she really look different from any other beauty queen or model. Her faith is just some value she has like one would believe in Buddah, or Mohammad.

Being nake for the world to see invalidates her message. "Hey, adore my body, now love Jesus."

The only way the Gospel can ring true if she turns, if she repents.

I know we don't talk much about repentence these days, but beloved, we need to be on our knees, repenting of our compromise, our embrace of sin.

To a church without mixture, God will pour out His Spirit without measure. Healings, deliverances, miracles, love and grace, peace!

I'd rather have those things to minister to a hurting world than to embrace sexual immorality and the "right" to parade around naked.

What power Carrie's beauty could bring for good if she raised the bar for women and preached self respect and purity. Education, humility and love.

I'm not against beautiful Christian women being in the market place or Hollywood. I am challenging the embrace of nudity and sensuality.

Being naked does not empower anyone. I hear that from Hollywood all the time. "I took my clothes off for the camera, it was so empowering."

Really? Then why aren't you naked now, or when you shop down Rodeo Drive. Because being naked is not empowering, but weakening. It makes us vulnerable.

The only "naked" we need to be is "naked" before God, letting Him change us from the inside out.

Carrie, Heidi, RAISE THE BAR!! Use your beauty and power truly for God's kingdom.

What is it with beautiful women who have perfect white teeth, long blonde hair, awesome bodies?


Anonymous said...

Are we obligated to believe that Heidi is a Christian just because she says so? Is she really following Christ? I've read that she is estranged from her mother as well. I usually cringe when celebrities call themselves Christians. : (

Rachel Hauck said...

No, we are not obligated, but she claims to be and folks like Perez Hilton are "making fun" of her faith.

So whether she is or not, only God knows. But she claims she is to the world who can react according to her word.

Let's pray for her.


Anonymous said...

Sigh. Playboy must love having self-described "Christians" pose in the magazine for $$$, because it makes believers look like hypocrites. I agree that Heidi needs prayer. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Very courageous post. Thank you. I enjoy and appreciate the important issues you write about.

I don't know who quoted this but it's one of the most important sentences I ever heard, "Christianity isn't a label, it's a way of life."

My personal opinion is that looking to Hollywood "celebrities" for genuine Christianity is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Edna said...

The media makes everyone think you have to be so skinny you can see your bones, but God did not make us all alike, if He had then we would all be clones. It is terrible the way people treat anyone that is large, seeme the men get by with it, WHY IS THAT? Let's all accept ourselves the way God made us and live with it.

Julie said...

Rachel, you and I discussed the Carrie Prejean thing and I have really taken some heat (from believers) for saying she is doing more to hurt the gospel message than she is to help it. Preach on! I am sick of it and saddened at the same time. I am more sick that so many Christians defend her (or anyone else) who barely wears any clothing but yet says they have xyz morals. We all know actions speak louder than words.