Monday, November 10, 2008

Eclectic Blog

It's been awhile since I've been eclectic. So, here we go.

Winners of Love Starts With Elle
Thanks to all who entered and responded to me by email. I'll pass on your thanks to Thomas Nelson for their generosity in supplying books.

Have you all heard about Twitter? Check it out. I blogged about it on Faithchick, too. Sign up to be my Twitter friend. If you're on Facebook, updates on Twitter post to your Facebook page. It's fun!

Sunny Day in Cocoa Beach
Hubby and I met my youngest brother in Cocoa Beach. He's down visiting his wife's family in Daytona. We'll see them in a few weeks, but it was so cool to meet my new niece for the first time. She's gorgeous. I held her all through lunch. So sweet.

Also got to hang with an old, dear youth  member and her kids. Love you guys!

And now... 



Sharon Hayes said...

WHEW!! I can't keep up w/all your blogs, I enjoy this one :o)

Love you much!! XOXO Look forward to Thanksgiving!!

ross said...

great to follow you on twitter. you have a great blog