Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sweet Caroline Video

This is me talking about Sweet Caroline via my new Flip Video.


Sharon Hayes said...

Great video Rachel, I'll pray those books sell. It is the best book yet- I really really loved it, laughed, chuckled and most definitely cried.

Love you xoxox

KathyS said...

Got mine in the mail, finally, and I'm already half through it! That's a bummer - I don't want it to end!!!!! It's FANTASTIC, Ms. Hauck. I am so glad I "found" you and your books!

KathyS said...

Okay....I'm finished with Sweet Caroline and all I can say is - please say there's a sequel in the works. Sniff, sniff.

Rachel Hauck said...

Hey KathyS,

There's no direct sequel to Caroline's story, but you find out about her in Love Starts With Elle!

Thanks for your kind comments on the book!


Rel said...

Oh piffle! I'm still waiting for mine to get across the Pacific - hurry up , Caroline ;-)

Fun vidoe, Rach