Sunday, February 03, 2008

Feel like reminiscing

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Tony and I drove over to Kissimmee, FL for The Call. I needed a day of prayer and outstanding worship. 

Mike Bickle and Lou Engel cast such great vision and hope in God coupled with wisdom and knowledge of the days in which we live.

The indoor stadium was cold, so I walked out to the car to get my sweater. The wind felt silky on my skin as the sun started to slip below the horizon. The scent of an open field and the spring-like temperatures reminded me of growing up in Ohio.

For a moment, I was a kid sitting in my grandparents back yard, cool, thick green grass under my toes, good food on a red and white check covered picnic table, the adults talking. It  made me home sick for those good days.

Super Bowl Sunday

This is a special day for Tony and me. It's when we met and talked for the first time. We'd talked on the phone once before, but Super Bowl Sunday was our first long conversation.

It was 1988, and I'd been living in Palm Bay for a year and a half, working and traveling for Harris. Since I was on the road seventy percent of the time, I didn't make it to church much. but in August of '87, I passed New Covenant Fellowship and my spirit said, "Go there."

My first Sunday I stood in the foyer surrounded by strangers but felt such love. I knew I'd found my church home.

In those days, we had Sunday evening services. My roommate and I made Super Bowl party plans with friends from work, but while I was at Sunday morning church, my roommate made alternate super bowl plans. Long story...

So I decided to go shopping. While driving to the mall, the Holy Spirit tugged at me. "Go to church."

I said, "No, I've already been to church. I'm not going back."

But He wouldn't leave me alone. "Go to church, go to church."

"All right, I will."

I went back home, changed and headed back to church. After the service, Tony stopped me on my way out. We talked for an hour and a half. 

The next week, I flew to California, Connecticut and Australia. I didn't see Tony again until March. 

He asked me out for March 20. We were married four years later on March 21.

But it all started by the Great Matchmaker on Super Bowl Sunday.


Sharon Hayes said...

I love it when you reminisce - isn't the Lord wonderful!! Thanks :o)
Love you Mom

Rel said...

Love hearing how romances begin!! I can still remember seeing my hubby for the first time in a small room at Uni where I had gone to join The Navigators - LOL!!! I was impressed by his height, good looks and hair :) I couldn't stand him for a year despite him being in our circle of friends but things changed and the rest is history. He is still tall, good looking but the hair has taken a bit of a beating - hahaha!!!

I love reading your comments too, Sharon!

Rebekah said...

Do all your stories involve football?

Rachel Hauck said...

Nope, football is not in all my stories. Don't you read them, sister dear? :)

hehehe. Love you, R

Rachel Hauck said...


That's a great story. :) It's funny how many people end up married to someone they couldn't "stand" at first.