Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sweet Caroline is almost here!

Sweet Caroline, my next Thomas Nelson book debuts February 12. I'm so excited.

Romantic Times Book Club wrote:

Hauck's adorable novel contains the multi-layered characters readers have come to expect from her books. The enjoyable story and unpredictable ending entertains and offers much to think about.

- 4.5 Stars, Melissa Parcel, Romantic Times Book Club

I'm so busy finishing Love Starts With Elle I haven't thought much about promoing Caroline's story, so I thought next week I'd write a "Behind The Scenes With Caroline Sweeney" blog series and talk a little about this book and why you want to buy it. :)

Isn't it funny, so much of the time we just see the book cover and blurb and it's hard to know, "Why do I want to invest my time to read this book?"

So next week I'll talk about why I invested seven months writing this book (besides having a deadline) and why it might be fun for y'all to read.

But today, I'm back to work on Elle. This story will be more straight up romance with a small subplot. But, it's a great story!


Patty said...

February 12th is not so far away. How exciting. Elle sounds like a great story as well.

Sharon Hayes said...

Rach, I was thinking yesterday that I probably could order this early on Amazon by now. So looking forward to reading it.

Amy said...

I love the cover for Elle! Looking forward to Sweet Caroline.

Rachel Overton said...

Just wanted to let you know--I just read Lost in NashVegas. I LOVED it! Laughed the whole way through. My 13-yr-old daughter added it to her books-in-line-to-read (which is quite long!).

I recommended you to my women's fellowship class on Sunday. Can't wait to get my next Rachel Hauck!

KathyS said...

I got an email telling me that my book will be shipped a little earlier than first thought! I am sooooooo looking forward to getting it!! Woo Hoo!!!! Can't wait!

Georgiana said...

I'm so excited to read this!

Lynette Sowell said...

Wonderful covers, and I'm really looking forward to reading these! :)

parismb76 said...

Rachel, I finished reading Sweet Caroline last night and it was fantastic. Made me cry and feel thankful for my relationship with Jesus. Thanks for sharing your gift from God with us!