Saturday, January 05, 2008

Seven Weird Things About Me

Well, I was going to blog on the line from the Lord's Prayer about "lead me not into temptation," but... my sister tagged me to admit seven weird things about myself.

So, tomorrow or Monday, I'll download my great wisdom on the temptation line.

Seven weird things.... (and only seven, you can't make me confess more.)

7.) It's hard to surprise me. If you even hint, I'll figure it out. Before Tony and I were married, I traveled a lot and we were talking on the phone and he said, "I have a surprise for you when you get home." Instantly, I knew - he'd fixed my bike. A few months earlier, I'd been hit by a car riding my bike and the wheel was bent. Don't worry, she was going like 2 miles an hour, but still, I was green for a day.

6.) I must have a balance of lamp light throughout a room. I don't like overhead lights. I don't like to watch the TV in the dark unless the Christmas tree is on in the corner. When I worked in the corp world, I had the maintenance tech remove specific florescent lights so I could have the right balance over my head and around me with lamps.

5.) I love Publix Supermarket. I especially love the one by my house. Tony suggested, "Let's look at moving into Melbourne." My response? "But then I won't be by the Bayside Publix."

4.) I go to McDonalds most mornings, not all, for a Diet Coke. I say hello to Lynn who takes my order, and Jane and Henry who eat breakfast there every morning.

3.) I always wonder if the next book will be my last, or if it will be my worst. Now, I'm trying to change my thinking to the next book will be my best, and the first of many.

2.) I read two or three books at once. If I'm stuck in my writing, I'll go pick up a book and start reading in the middle trying to figure out how it's done. This of course does nothing but frustrate me because you can't start a book in the middle and as Paul wrote, "It's stupid to compare yourself to others."

1.) I want to grow more confident every day that Jesus loves me and I'm His favorite one and if that makes me weird to some, so be it!


Sharon Hayes said...

Rachel, you gave me my 2nd laugh for the day!! I'm like you about surprises - I guess them many times; agree w/you about lights!! don't like to watch TV ind ark either;love the Publix one.

Love you Mom

Anonymous said...


May your next book always be your best - so you just keep getting better and better!

Happy New Year!

Suzanne Lieurance
The Working Writer's Coach

Georgiana said...

Two or three books at once? I couldn't do it, and I don't think I could start in the middle =) What's with the weird light thing???

Rebekah said...

I forgot about you getting hit on your bike. I like lamp lighting best too.

Rel said...

Love all those things about you, otherwise you wouldn't be you - LOL!!!