Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Home for Christmas

A couple of "our girls" came for Christmas, Carrie and Elizabeth.

The slumbered in the guest room and it was fun and pleasant to have them here. One lives in D.C., the other in Tallahassee.

This season, Tony and I learned a new game, Carcassonne. It's a "board" game with puzzle like pieces where the players build cities, fields and roads.

Each player claims one of the above and earns points for completing a city or road, or possessing a field.

We play the game at night in about 30 minutes. It's fun. We used to play Scrabble and Pente, so this game is a fun addition.

One afternoon we were sitting in the living room and a thump resounded from the window. Pal barked and barked. Finally I went out to see what caused his concern.

I found a small grey bird in the front bed. Poor little thing broke his neck on impact. I picked him up and tried to pray life (yes, I did) back into him.

He actually fluttered and I thought I might be holding a miracle in my palm. Hey, if I can pray a bird back to life, I'll try people next. But, it just his nerves releasing energy. He's in birdy heaven.

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Julie said...

Yay, Carrie and Elizabeth...they are so pretty!

Poor birdie. I thought your papertowel was quite appropriate though, with the insects on it and all.

Elizabeth said...

It's nice to be the featured on Rachel's blog!