Sunday, December 23, 2007

A nod from Reviewers

A couple of book reviewers gave me a nod this week. Thank so much Michelle and Jana.

Michelle with EdgyInspirationalAuthor picked Diva NashVegas as one of her Top 2007 reads.

And Janna at Cornhuskeracademy picked Lambert's Code as one of her Life Changing reads of 2007. (Though the book was released in October 2005.)

Patricia Woodside over at Readin N Writin selected Geogia On Her Mind as one of her favorite 2007 reads.



Michelle said...

I saw this post on Technorati. You earned the honor. That was a great book! I read well over 100 novels last year and only picked 23 for my list.

Sharon Hayes said...

This is wonderful Rachel, and there is going to many many more on these and your new books to come.

Love Mom