Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007

Note to self: Update address book. Only two addys are valid.

I've resolved this year to send the annual Christmas letter. I'm always close to a deadline in December, thus frantic.

Besides, I blog all over kingdom come: web site, MySpace, Shoutlife, Xanga, Facebook and one new blog site I can't even remember so I feel like our life is "out there."

Tony guest blogs for me from time to time. He has great insights on life and faith.

Last summer, after twenty years of youth ministry, Tony handed off youth church to a younger man and is now focused on teaching, administration, house churches and a downtown outreach.

He picked one of the hardest areas in Melbourne - a drugs and guns type of community - to knocked on doors asking, "How can we pray for you?"

In the last year, the work has grown to a multi-level outreach with small home churches being formed.

I still lead worship on Sunday mornings and at Fire Dweller, and head up a Dream Team in a down town coffee shop. We put up a sign - Dreams - and wait for customers. It's free, fun and very successful.

The multi-church prayer ministry, Fire Dweller is going strong after five years with good changes coming in '08. While Tony is the leader, he is one of the best team players around.

My day job is writing fiction. I had four books released in 2006, one in 2007, and two more coming in '08. Look for Sweet Caroline in February and Love Starts With Elle in July from Thomas Nelson.

I love my job! If you want to know more or read excerpts visit the Books page.

In March we took the Fire Dweller band to Poughkeepsie for a prayer and worship conference. We had a blast.

In May, I flew to northern New Hampshire for a book signing.

In July, I attended a writer's retreat and retailer's convention followed by Fire Dwellers' summer conference, In The Fire.

September, baby bro Pete, Tony and I visited big bro Danny. Opening college football weekend. Fun! A few weeks later I went to writer's conference in Dallas.

In October, Tony and I took a few days in the South Carolina lowcountry - research for me, relaxing for him.

November I traveled to Nashville, meeting up with a friend for another friend's wedding. And got to hang out with my Thomas Nelson colleagues.

Tony flew up to meet me in Indy and we did a whirlwind family tour - his parents, Thanksgiving with my sister and her family, followed by a visit to my mom, grandma, Pete and his family in Knoxville.

We lost our loving dog Jack in '06, but Pal is thrilled to be an only dog-child. Red, our 15 yr-old cat still thinks he's a dog and does pretty much whatever he wants.

It is our prayer that God will do exceedingly above all that you ask or think in 2008.

With love, Tony and Rachel


Anonymous said...

Great picture of you and Tony.

Merry Christmas to you both
Love Mom

Rebekah said...

Love you. Miss you... even though you were just here

Rel said...

Hey - dodn't realise you livedin/near Melbourne - just not my Melbourne!! Although I live in Rowville it is a suburb of Melbourne, Australia's second largest city but scads better than Sydney - LOL!!!

Heather Diane Tipton said...

wow. sounds like you had quite a year!

Jodi Girden said...

can't wait to read your 2008 releases! hope christmas was really fun - we can't wait to see you!