Saturday, December 15, 2007

Drum roll, please... And the winners are...

Thanks so much to all who stopped by to read the Christmas memories of such wonderful authors. And, thanks to all who shared with us.

Be sure to stop by Tricia Goyer's place, and Camy Tang's as the interview tour continues!

I have a bunch of book drawings to do. Here are the winners:

Gail Martin's new release: WindyCity.

Diann Mill's book: ausjenny.

Kathryn Mackle's new release: Hannah, CherieJ and C. Gwynn.

Deb Raney's offering goes to Brittanie

And, for those who left a comment for a chance to win Cindy Woodsmall's book:
Rebornbutterfly and AudraElizabeth from Shoutlife.

Email me your snail mail addy's and I'll pass them to the authors.

Thanks everyone. Check back next week. It's back to my exciting and in-sightful blogs! ;)


Ausjenny said...

Oh wow i am so excited thanks so much and thanks so much for the 12 days of christmas I loved it and it was the first thing i did each day (some days it was late) but i did look forward to it. am reading at Camy and Tricia sites now.

Cherie J said...

Thank you so very much! I just emailed you.