Thursday, June 07, 2007

Garage Cleaning Means Garage Memories

Tony and I are doing a little house cleaning, prepping for a garage sale in a few weeks. We started in... the garage.

When we moved into this "fasting house" nine years ago, most of my worldly treasures were stored along one wall. (Note to self: Don't store stuff you want to keep in garage.)
Most of it is brown, bug eaten and dirty, but I'm sifting through.

What I love about going through my old college note books and grade school papers, is connecting in some way with a part of myself that's long gone, but still a major part of who I am today.

I'm not much into reminiscing, but I do like to walk down memory lane now
and then. Well, I found some of my "early" writings. By my hand writing, I must be in sixth grade, maybe seventh.

What I read amazed me.

Here's an excerpt from a story called, "They Called It Freedom."

Chapter One - Away From It All

Christy, Candy and Susie were three best friends. They lived in New York City and it was very crowded and dirty. (This is 1972ish, pre Julianie)
Christy, Candy and Susie were brouth up in the country and they didn't like the city, so they decided to go where it was clean and plenty of room. End excerpt.

I laughed as I read the story to Tony. "I was a chick lit writer in '73!"

Here's another excerpt:

One of the girls hobbies is singing and writing. They have performed a lot and made a few albums and 45s.

I even wrote about girls involved in music!

In another story, Land Of My Own, I wrote in first person.

Land of My Own

It was spring and like mosst people in spring, I got wild crazy ideas. The sense of the wild and freedom. But nevertheless, I was trapped in the jungle of walls better knows as New York City.

More chick! I'd never even been to NYC.

It was fun looking over old stuff, mostly the writing. Even my college papers, yellow and torn, reminded me I'd studied the craft for quite awhile.

I also found all my old 45s. What to do with those, I don't know.

Found a bunch of grade school and junior high knick knacks. Not sure what to do with those, either. I should toss them, but...

Tomorrow, back to the garage and more boxes.


Will H. Donaldson Family said...

Ebay!!!!! Failing that, 45's make nice frizbees...

Mom of 5 said...

Keep the 45s or maybe see what they are worth. Your cousin Steve might be interested in them - he collects old records.


Lynette Sowell said...

Oh, how fun! And have fun. :)