Monday, June 04, 2007

Fasting for an eternal purpose

Canprayer1Today, I got way-laid.

By my fasting husband.

We're joining in the fast called by "The Call" to interceed for our nation, and while we have grace, gotta tell ya, fasting is not always easy.

But when I see the picture above, of a man humbled and weeping over baby shoes, representing the millions of aborted American babies, my youth is renewed. I fast on.

Back to today. Tony gets in these moods when fasting. One year, he came to the conclusion we neeed to sell our house and move. We've been in the "fasting house" for nine years now.

Another time, he concluded we needed new computers.

Again, one time he decided the yard needed to be cleaned up.

So, I like fasting Tony. For a lot of reasons, not just he gets energized to do stuff even though he's physically weak. It's always fun to see what he'll come up with.

Today he joined my recent efforts to clean out my office and deal with the overwhelming number of books we own. (I've been selling a lot of them on Amazon and doing really well!)

He found more books to toss or sell, organized us for a garage sale this Saturday, spent money on both of us at Wal-Mart, cleaned out his t-shirt drawer, and while it's not a new house or new computer, stuff is happening.

I think it's because we're not sitting around wondering what to eat next.

Man, I was in McDonalds getting a Diet Coke, (yes, DC is on my fast) and I about jumped over the counter for a hot fry. LOL. Not really, but it smelled so good.

But, I believe wholeheartedly in this fast, the reason Lou Engle called it and the integrity of his ministry.

We were listening to our fav radio host play clips of a recent political debate and I spent a good bit of the morning yelling at the radio. Not good.

I believe the nearer I draw to Jesus, the nearer we all draw to Jesus, our minds and senses become more keen to the unsound wisdom of the world.

Jesus, John tells us, is the light of the world. John 1:9, "There was the true Light which, coming into the world, enlightens every man."

Abiding in Jesus, talking to Him, reading of Him, brings spiritual and intellectual light to us! Wow.

Now, it doesn't make us the smartest people in the world, or mean we don't make mistakes, but I do believe we can learn through His light to descern between those who spew darkness, and untruth.

Some of the stuff I hear coming from the news and politicians doesn't even take any thought to debunk and debate. It's so clearly absurd.

Anyway, please, pray for our country. We need the LIGHT.


Georgiana D said...

40 days is a long time! I think the longest I ever fasted was 2 days. I pray God does amazing things during this season :)

Audra said...

Wow - fasting for 40 days IS a long time. I know God will bless your fast. Loved reading about your hubby's fasting habit. :)

Mom of 5 said...

I love reading my children's blogs because many times I learn something from the past I never knew (or forgot!!). I didn't know you decided to move into your house as a result of Tony fasting, this is neat.