Saturday, June 02, 2007

Book signing at Wal-Mart today

I signed New Hampshire Weddings at my local Wal-Mart today. I had quite a few buyers, but had to do the usual - stand beside the table and pitch the book to passers by.

I'm not Nora Roberts or Karen Kingsbury yet. Or Debbie Macomber. But, God has it all under control.

I talked to several customers for an extended time who did not buy books. At first, I thought, "Wow, potential customers are passing by while I'm talking to someone who told me they weren't buying."

But you know what, people are more important than my career, then selling a few books. And, I had fun talking to people in my own community.

Though, I was dubious about the redneck who told me he was once in the Eurythmics and Some Other 80's band. Can't remember, but you'd recognize the name. He was the one who wrote their hits that gave them a gold record.

Now, he sounded pretty knowledgable about the music industry, and being as I've researched it a lot, he sounded legit. But as he walked away, I thought, "There goes one good story teller."

Now, in New Hampshire, if a customer didn't want to buy or browse the books, they'd say, "I'm all set."

In Florida, we say, "No thanks."

The picture is NOT of me at the book signing, but of me in my office, but how I looked at the book signing. I know you were just dying of curiosity.


Julie said...

You look beautiful, Rachel. Sounds like you had fun at the book signing!

See you in a month!

Rebekah said...

Ok, I am about to solve your publicity issue..... at your next book signing, throw a book at a passing customer that doesn't buy your book. They'll call the cops, the newsies will report, and everyone will be so curious about the writer that threw her book at a customer that they will want to buy your book.... Sound like a plan??

Mom of 5 said...

Hey Rach, I agree w/my daughter-in-law Julie - you look beautiful and I think daughter Rebekah has a good idea chuckle chuckle.

So proud of you and love you so much