Thursday, May 24, 2007

Never Planned On This

The goal today was to clean my office. I submitted "Sweet Caroline" yesterday and was really looking forward to doing some deep house cleaning.

I thought, first, deal with the office. And the books! So many books.

I was sorting through them and next thing I know, I'm logging them into Amazon for resale.

I am now an Amazon reseller. What a brilliant plan. Except, now, I still have all the books. I stacked them in the guest room. Ha.

But the office is squared away and it feels good.


aBookworm said...

So did I. Since I'm having people over this weekend, I thought I would get some cleaning done today. (or at least shove the clutter out of sight!) Found this huge pile of books that had somehow slipped behind the desk and lo behold! before you know it, there's a bigger mess than ever, books strewn everywhere and me in the middle with 1 book in hand and several others chosen to be read. That's how my spouse found me. Needless to say, cleaning's been postponed - again!

aBookworm said...

Hi! Rachel. Yeah, totally. NO cure at all, I'm afraid. But then I wouldn't have it any other way :-)

To enter the contest, you have to comment on the Arsgeek site. IT's a great site. Have fun and good luck!

Mom of 5 said...

books - at least they are out of your office :o) I'm glad to know others have the same problem as I do because I end up doing something like this a lot of times. Hope the books sell

Love Mom

Deena said...

Ummm...any idea when "Sweet Caroline" will be released?? I'm longing for a novel from you, my friend!!

Rachel Hauck said...

Deena! You are too sweet.

Sweet Caroline comes out in Feb/Mar '08.