Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Glenn Beck and religion

I'm a fan of Glenn Beck. I try to listen to him for an hour or so in the morning while doing junk around the house.

He's bold and confronts so many of the idiocies in our social mind set. But he's sort of all wet on one thing.


He constantly says he doesn't care what someone believes, and if they are a "good" person, he'd vote for them.

Glenn, Glenn, Glenn, dear Glenn. You're being too broad here, dude. A person's faith is the CORE of who they are. It's where so many other ideologies and philosophies come from. You have to know what they believe about God and life in order to vote for them.

The left hates Christianity, so they complain and bicker, accuse and point fingers. It scares them. We know that, we get it.

And like wise, many on the right do the same. Complain, bicker, accuse and point. Sadly. They should be like Jesus and shut up. He was so very wise when he responded, or did not respond.

Yet, Glenn, if a person claims to be a Christian, it's not enough to believe in "God." Shoot, radical Islam terrorist believe in "God."

You have to believe in Jesus. Christ-ians. Followers of Christ. Otherwise, you just believe in God, a supreme being.

Which, at the base, is cool. Yet, the only way to know God the Father is through His Son, Jesus.

Not my words, by the way, His.

So, Glenn, come on. You have to care about what a person believes. It's who they are.


Anonymous said...

Did you know that Glenn is a Mormon?

Anonymous said...

If you would objectively study the roots of Christianity, you would come to see that what you literally believe in is no more real than the myth of Zeus or Thor. A person can be ethical without religion. As a matter of fact, one could argue that the Old Testament is filled with hatred from a murderous, wrathful, openly jealous god, the god purported centuries after Jesus' death to be his "father". The REAL search for truth leads to these facts. Why would anyone want a leader who never bothered to question his or her own childish indoctrination?