Saturday, March 17, 2007

March Madness

Okay, I confess. I've been watching basketball. Ohio State darn near gave me a heart attack almost losing to Xavier.

It's a beautiful central Florida day. I let Pal take me for a walk. Went to McDonalds and sipped a Diet Coke while reading Donald Maass's "The Breakout Novel."

Went to Publix.

Worked on Sweet Caroline some. Tony finished his read. He likes it a lot. But it's going to be double wonderful on the rewrite. Which will start Monday.

Oh, BIG news. I went back to the gym Friday! I know. Don't faint. It's true.

Tomorrow night Tony and I, along with the youth pastors, Matt and Jodi, are holding our first "Life Skills" class.

The goal is to help 17 - 30 year olds with life stuff. Finances. Relationships. Education and career planning. Handling conflict. Etc. All that fun stuff.

I'm sorry. I've been boring lately. Of course, I could post about five politically focused blogs, but I won't.

I just say this to all Believers. "AWAKE O SLEEPER!!!" (Eph 5:14)


Rebekah said...

Im sure your screaching over the Ohio State game hurt your puppies ears

Anonymous said...

Will you be posting any of your tips from your lifeskills class? I fall within your age category and would love to attend a class like that.

Mom of 5 said...

Lots of yelling happened here in Powell, TN for OSU - cousins from Ohio were here and we all just about had heart attacks -good thing it was cold and the windows were all closed. We had a great time rooting them on.
Love Mom

Elizabeth said...

I hope that Life Skills class went well! Wish I was there for it :-)