Saturday, March 24, 2007

15 Years

Tony and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary last Wednesday. They have all been GREAT years. I seriously cannot think of one bad year. They really do get better and better. He's more my best friend than ever. Home is love. Home is safe.

But growing up home was always safe for me. And love. I'm very, very blessed.

The picture is of us at Outback. Then we went to see Music & Lyrics. Except for the oversexed superstar chick, it was a good movie.

Man, Hollywood HAS no imagination. Sex, sex and more sex. Dang.

AHHHH! I just saw a commercial for a new reality show. Donny Osmond is the host. ACK! '70s teen idol turned talk show, reality host.

No way!

Good day with my RWA meeting with writer freinds there.

Ohio State beat Memphis to advance to Final Four! Woo hoo.


Rebekah said...

Yea! Happy anniversary

Julie said...

Happy Anniversary! I remember your wedding, I was 14. Oh my!

Love you both!

Will H. Donaldson Family said...

Weird isn't it? Sometimes it seems so long ago and other times ...
Wasn't that just yesterday???
Blessings to you both!

Kristy Dykes said...

Congrats on the marriage milestone: 15 years. Wow, your summation of marriage is touching. And encouraging. Thanks for sharing.

Tishia said...

Congratulations on your 15th wedding anniversary!