Monday, February 12, 2007

What's In Your Wagon?

Tony and I were talking about "cleaning house" and this verse from Isaiah 5:18 .

"Woe to those who drag iniquity with the cords of falsehood, And sin as if with cart ropes..."

The Message reads, "Woe to you who use lies to sell evil."

Our society is permeated with lies selling evil. Abortion, homosexuality, pornography, fornication, lust, jealousy, gossip, even issues like racism and hate crimes have the truth overshadowed by lies.

But let's talk about our personal sin wagon. Do you pull around sin with you like it's your toy red wagon? Is it your company? Friend?

The rest of the Isaiah verse says "You say, "What's God waiting for?
Let him get a move on so we can see it. Whatever The Holy of Israel has cooked up, we'd like to check it out."

We've lost sight of the hierarchy. God is in control. WE submit to Him. He doesn't answer to us.

YET to those who are His, He LONGS for a partnership. "Let us RUN together."

Can we ask of God? Yes. Can we carry around our sin and demand He prove Himself to us? No.

We call evil good in this country. Given to excuses and reasons other than humbly pursuing the heart of God.

Listen, I've been there! Struggled. Hurt. I know the power of fear and anxiety. But this I know and have seen proven in my life - GOD is bigger. God saves. God heals. God delivers.

Sorry, but I accept nothing else. He is true. Men are liars.

We have to cut the cords of our sin wagon - dump the jealousy, gossip, hating, envy, strife, drunkenness, selfish ambition.

Are we weak? Yes! Do we stumbles? Yes. But we don't dare hook ourselves to a sin wagon and drag it around calling it good.

Let God's love and power set us free. There is SO much more to Him than our weak hearts are willing to believe.

But I'm going to go as far as I can. Be abandoned. How about you?


Tracy said...

"Let God's love and power set us free. There is SO much more to Him than our weak hearts are willing to believe."

Such a powerful, truthful message in these words. This is something I need to remind myself daily - sometimes hourly.

Awesome post!

Mom of 5 said...

Rachel, you are so good at "hitting the nail on the head". Great post - to follow up what Tray said - if we truly let God's love rule and reign in our hearts we wouldn't have the struggle w/the esetting sins you listed.

Lord, thank you for Rachel's life.