Sunday, February 04, 2007

Tagged by Cindy Woodsmall

Author Cindy Woodsmall tagged me to name six weird things about myself and then to tag six others.

I hate these things, but love Cindy, so here goes.

1. I like Diet Cokes from McDonald's.
2. I'd rather email than talk on the phone.
3. I take a lot of baths.
4. Donny Osmond was my teen idol.
5. People magazine jumps into my cart while shopping.
6. For Christmas, we have to have lots of presents to open since it's just Tony and me. Nothing that plugs into the kitchen or sucks dirt is allow.

I tag Tracey, Susie, Chris, Candice, my sister, Beka, Kristy and Pam.

Go Colts!

Peace out.


Anonymous said...

Oh, too, too funny! My favorites were numbers five and six. People magazine has never jumped into my cart. What's the deal with that?

Kitchen items & things that suck dirt are definitely allowed for Christmas, as long as they're a gift from me and not to me ;-)

Guess who~


Julie Carobini said...

Oh let me just say Rachel that Donny Osmond was my teen idol too! I once went to a taping of Donny and Marie--are you jealous or what?--and I still have purple socks with his face on them (sick, I know).