Monday, November 27, 2006

A Journey

For me, each book is a journey. Faith. Hope. Craft. Story. Peace. Grace.

When I wrote Diva NashVegas, the Lord spoke to me through Isaiah 41:13. "I will help you." I had days where I struggled and wondered, "Are you helping me?"

He was, yes. Was it easier to write? No, but He fulfilled his word. And, the rewrites were nominal.

With this book, I add to my arsenal the strength of past victories. David is 1 Samuel 22 finds the sword of Goliath in the care of a priest. He says, "Give it to me, there is none like it."

David used the strength, the sword, of his past victory, killing Goliath, to aid him in his current battle against Saul.

And with this new book, I have a new concept to walk out. The story of Peter walking on the water. To know I can ask of the Lord and He will answer. To remember NOT to focus on the wind and the waves, but keep my eyes fixed on Jesus. And, if I start to sink, steady my gaze on Him again.

I'm determined not to cry out, "Save me, Lord," only to hear Him say to me, "Where's your faith?"

So, I've begun my third book for Thomas Nelson. I'm very excited. Still working out the character and the story. I know what I want to happen, when and why, but it's the dance of words and story that make it hard and at times, frustrating.

Another great thing in my life now is LESS. Yes, less is more. I have less week day and week night activities, so I have more time! After years of being out 2, 3 or 4 nights a week, and occassionally seven or eight nights in a row, I'm now free.

It's a season, just like the busy ones. But I'm so grateful for it. I'm much more relaxed. I don't have to weave writing around a nightly meeting or a mid-morning appointment.

At the same time, I'm taking commmand of my time. I'm not going to be lead where I don't want to go. I want to invest my time in things I value.

So, sorry cyber space, but you are not first in the morning any more. Prayer and the Word. Writing. Exercise. Chores. Exercise and chores can be flexible of I do have an engagement or did not reach my word count.

I realized, too, while writing Diva, I was using up all my creative energy by blogging or writing email. When it came down to working on the book, I was pooped. Plus, when book concept is hard, it's easy to procrastinate and put off the job at hand.

Grace and peace, and a little walking on water . . .


Mom of 5 said...

Rachel, your walk w/the Lord through your books is so inspiring and encouraging, I love you so much, Mom

Heather Diane Tipton said...

Oh wow, see I needed that Isaiah 41:13 scripture. thank you!