Saturday, November 18, 2006

Buckeyes Over Michigan

Biting my thumb nail, I watched the game with Tony and my brother-in-law, Helmut, as Ohio State battled Michigan for the Big 10 title and really, the national championship.

OSU has looked so great all year. Troy Smith has been an excellent team leader and quarterback. The team seemed to gel in a way I haven't seen a college football team gel in a long time, if ever.

There have been great football teams. But the 2006 OSU Buckeyes will go down in history as one of the greatest: Smith, Wells, Ginn, Gonzales, Pittman, Hart, Robiiskie, Laurinaitis, the whole team, as men who played as one unit.

The church could take a lesson.

It was an offensive battle, but Ohio State pulled it out: 42 - 39. I was praying.

Thanks God, for winning football seasons.

Grace and peace to all!


Anonymous said...

After hearing how close the game was I was glad I was not in hear shot of you! :) hee hee. I'm sure it was a loud house

Tina said...

Oh Rachel,
You ladies who watch football with the guys just make us other girls look bad. :) LOL.

Anonymous said...

Thought about you yesterday when I saw the score. Congrats on your team winning!

Anonymous said...

As I pointed out to Jamie (who was rooting for Michigan on ethical grounds) while watching part of the game, "You may be rooting... but Rachel is praying." And then I stopped watching, knowing what the outcome would be.

True story.

- Eric