Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday, Sleepy Day

Home from Poughkeepsie. We had a great time. God is so good and faithful. Our last meeting was Wednesday night and we lingered in worship and God's presence from 7:30 to 11:00.

We had prayer time in the middle where people gathered in groups of four to six and prayed for each other. Lots of good stuff happening.

The Lord is so generous. He loves to give to His Beloved. Just ask.

Did I mentioned we played Euchre every night. About midnight 'til two a.m. Perfect fun for me. God and cards with friends.

We were going to go down to the City on Thursday, but we were all too tired so we hung around the house, went to the movie, then out to dinner. Marlow's brother Terry and his wife, Kayle, joined us. Terry is one of my favorite worship leaders.

Next to you, Javi.

Got up at four a.m. Friday to get down to the JFK for our flight home. So very tired. Came home, got sorted out, took a brief, very brief nap, then went to Fire Dweller.

We've hit a new place in Fire Dweller. Aerobic intercession. At least when Javier leads. He had Alex on drums, and Christian played congas.

I'm telling you... They get in a musical groove and God is there. We were worshipping whole heartedly. Not for the sake of emotion or the music, but interceeding for our city, the lost, for God's purposes. It's amazing. And really, so fun.

Who says prayer and worship and intercession has to be boring. Teens and adults alike jumping and worshipping for well over an hour at Mach 10. And the AC isn't that great.

Smelled like feet in the sanctuary aftewards. LOL.

Going to have to require more deodorant for everyone for the summer time aerobic worship sessions.

We are in a war people. For our own lives but for our family's, our friend's, our city's. Matthew 11:12 Jesus says the kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force. He's not speaking of man-like violence, but heavenly violence. Prayer and worship. Fasting.

Jesus was violent on this earth. Yet He was the most kind and humble man who ever lived.

We have to engage in war. Spiritual war. Partner with Him to establish His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Look at the middle east. They are violent about establishing their kingdom by human force. Their plan is know, declared and obvious.

We as Christians sit back and wait too much for God to move. Let's be in prayer. In His Word and BELIEVE He will tell us, reveal to our hearts, what He wants done. Then go do it.

It is His heart to work in and through us. Don't be a bench warmer. Get on the field. Make a play!


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