Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Black Christian Fiction Authors Parade! Shawneda Marks

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Continuing my partnership with Patricia Woodside on the lovely Parade of Black Christian Fiction Authors. I've loved reading about these authors. They have some great stories and accomplishments.


Shawneda Marks, in her own words, "has loved reading and writing since she can remember." Always a storyteller, after years of entertaining colleagues at Bank of America and Comcast with colorful stories about customer interactions, Shawneda decided to put pen to paper and write her own stories.

Shawneda's novels and devotionals are crafted to raise awareness. Her debut novel, It's In My Blood, promoted HIV/AIDS awareness, the first book in the Red Ribbon collection, was released on World AIDS Day in 2009. The story is one of a daughter whose relationships with her parents are damaged. Upon losing the man she loved, then receiving tragic news, Rosalyn decides to go home and into the arms of a praying mother and hopeful father. Nominated for a 2009 SORMAG Readers Choice award for Christian Fiction, It's In My Blood is about reconciliation and restoration against all odds. It's sequel, Beyond My Status, continues Rosalyn's story as a new mother learning to live with HIV.

An entrpreneur and activist, Shawneda has established her own publishing company. She enjoys utilizing technology as an independent author to share her stories with readers while "creating as small a carbon foot print as possible." To that end, Shawneda offers her books primarily via Print on Demand and as ebooks.

In addition to raising awareness, Shawneda's books are designed to explore wellness and equip readers to deal with weighty issues. The Pink Ribbon Collection deals with an increasingly prevalent disease, breast cancer. Book 1 is My True Essence and Book 2, scheduled for release in March 2012, is Embracing Myself Now. Again it continues the story of a group of characters from the first book in the series, in this case, four women who discover it's difficult to let go of what was having never expected what their lives have become.

To learn more about Shawneda and her works, visit Patricia's Readin N Writin blog!


It's been an honor and privilege to showcase these authors during Black History Month!

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