Sunday, August 28, 2011


I love giving. It's such an amazing gift to humanity. A picture of God's generous heart.

Nothing is gained by being stingy, clinging to our hearts, our money, our "stuff."

Yea, I like my stuff. I like things. But I've found such a freedom and joy in giving.

Especially giving of words. Encouraging others, praising others, esteeming others higher than myself. (A work still in progress.)

So, as we go into fall, approaching the busy season of school, holidays, Christmas, I want to encourage giving.

I've got 3 copies of Dining with Joy to give away. And two audios of The Sweet By and By!

Leave a comment telling me some "giving" you plan to do or have recently done. I'll draw a winner next week!

Happy giving!


Velma said...

I love to give, too. My grandmother and my mother were very giving women, and I learned the joys of giving from them. I am a teacher, so I pray everyday that I can give of myself to my students and even though I teach in a public school (especially since I teach in a public school), I pray that I can show the love of Christ to my students. That is the greatest gift of all.

Rachel Hauck said...
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Rachel Hauck said...

Velma, you're so right! What a great gift! Thanks for posting.

Morgan said...

I loving giving! In june my uncle dove into a lake and hit a sand bar and broke all nthe bones in the front and back of his neck. My aunt was also pregnat and was a high risk pregnancy. She had her baby a couple weeks ago. The baby is a pre-mature. They are having financial problems, so my family and I are having a benefit to help them out. I really hope that God is going to do a lot for this family. And I have faith he will. :)

Jeanne T said...

It's interesting, I find words are not usually too difficult to give away (perhaps because my spiritual gifting is encouragement?). My husband has taught me much about the joy that comes from giving. I give of myself daily to my children and husband. I get to give time to the kids' classrooms, and I look forward to that. I also have been given some unexpected finances, and it's fun praying to see who the Lord will have me bless with some of that.
Thanks for the encouragement to be purposeful in giving.

PatriciaW said...

Hubby got a new smartphone, first, for his bday last week. Still not sure yet what I will do for today's anniversary. Moving this weekend and will take all the gently used clothing we no longer need/want to Goodwill. Most of all, though, the one I'm working hardest to make happen is to read with my children every night. I've always done it, but I've grown lax over last year. No excuses. Requires a bit more planning to make sure dinner, dessert and such are finished with time to read, but it's important.

Rachel Hauck said...

Morgan, what a blessing! I pray the benefit raises a lot of money!

Jeanne, even if we are weak in an area we can learn to overcome. I once took a gifts test and scored 0 on giving! OY! So glad I didn't listen to those results. Praise God for our spouses who encourage us!

Patricia, organization is the key to everything! Especially giving.


Jackie said...

I work in a poor section of town and have discovered how much it means to my customers when I completely stop what I'm doing and look them in the eye. I wonder if I'm sometimes the only person who shows them God's love and that makes me sad for them. The older men seem to be especially touched by my attention and over time some of these people have turned from being grouchy to coming into the store with a smile on their face. God has turned my meager attempts to show His love into a blessing right back to me. Isn't he Awesome?

Tonja S. said...

I just took a box of books to my classroom to share with my High School students (it's book report time). I was thrilled to give the students a chance to read them, and my students were more than thrilled to have new books to read!

Rachel Hauck said...

Jackie, what a great story! You are so right. The personal touch makes all the difference! What a blessing you are!

Tonja, That's another great way to give. Reading is so vital to our society! Blessings!


Julie said...

Most recently the best giving I think that I have done was of my time and listening. I have a friend that recently lost their home, knowing what that feels like I made sure right away to let her know that I was there anytime, day or night. To listen, and not judge. That was certainly what I needed most and didnt have when I lost my own home a few years ago. So many people were so quick to judge, if I had paid my bills I wouldn't have lost my home, I was one of the first that we knew that lost my home during the economy crisis, two and a half years later I have a home of my own again and I am slowly and gradually starting to get back on track. She told me that she could tell that I truly did understand what she was going through, unlike so many that say they understand and don't have a clue. It meant alot to her and to me. I am so ready to read more of your work... Keep them coming.... ; )

Rachel Hauck said...

Hey! All y'all win!

Let me know if you want Dining with Joy or audio Sweet By and By. I do only have 3 SBB to give though.

Leave your email address so I can get your snail mail.

If you have both, then give one away! :)


Beth K. Vogt said...

I've been the recipient of your kind words, and I treasure every one.
Thanks for the prompt to give . . .
Just today I donated to a friend who is walking in memory of his best friend, who died of blood cancer.
Quite honestly, I hate that word: Cancer.
So many people I know have been affected by that word. Whenever I'm asked, I try to give to someone who is walking for that cause. Usually they are walking in honor of or in memory of someone.

Julie said...

your choice....

Morgan said...
If you don't mind could I please have dinnig with joy! :) I have always wanted to read it.
O and thank you so much!!!!!

Velma said...

Either would be fine with me. I plan to give it to my sister. I have read both. (I haven't read Softly and Tenderly yet.) Thanks so much!