Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home

The past eleven days have been the most crazy, busy, fun days I've had in awhile. Sadly, all without my hubby.
On the 11th I attended the Ohio State v. Miami Hurricanes game. I hadn't been in the Horseshoe in
over 23 years and was simply overwhelmed at the grandness of the stadium.

Twenty-five years ago this December I graduated from Ohio State. When the college of Arts and
Sciences invited "me" back for an alumni
reunion, I couldn't resist.
of my friends were going, but I thought it would wonderful to be back on campus, go to a game.

I won't bore you with the details of how I actually got a great ticket to the game and how I arranged to get to Columbus, but I had a blast. The line in Carmen Ohio, our alumni song, is so true, "How firm thy friendship, O-HI-O."

After the game, I met up with my Columbus cousins and aunt. There is something about "blood" and being with people, no matter how many years in betw
een visits, who come from the same family line. A Hayes family reunion is in the works! (Here we are doing the "Dave Hayes" face. LOL!)

I spent Sunday in southern Ohio visiting my lovely, dear Aunt Betty and the town where my father grew up. As I'm about to start a book where the heroine has no connection with her family history, visiting a town where my grandmother was raise as well as my father and his brothers, brought to focus how much our heritage can impact our life, give us a sense of belonging.

Monday I headed back to Indianapolis and my in-laws. Spent all of Monday and Tuesday going over the final draft of Softly and Tenderly. My in-laws were such good company, letting me work, but feeding me occasionally.

Wednesday, I headed to the downtown Hyatt for the ACFW conference. Good buddy and writing partner Susan May Warren came into town and we had an evening to catch up before being swamped with conference business.

The conference was excellent, the best part being able to see my writing friends and colleagues, my editor(s) and publisher, my agent in one place. The ACFW Worship Band did a fantastic job this year and I'm so grateful to them and their faithfulness.

We usually get a few hours to practice the song list and "gel" as a team and then it's go-time. But the unity we have by the Spirit of God keeps us together and gives us a sound.

I was blessed by the testimonies people shared with me about worship over the years at the conference. I'm so humbled to be used by God in such a way.

The first annual Carol Awards, named in honor of Carol Johnson, a Bethany House editor who saw the value in fiction and acquired a prairie romance by then unknown Janette Oke. Love Comes Softly changed the face of Christian fiction.

(Janette Oke with Carol Johnson.)

When I met Janette, I was in tears. Because of her heart for story, because of Carol's vision when the Christian fiction landscape was bleak, I get to live my dream! And all the writers of ACFW. It was almost overwhelming.

Carol is so gracious and humble, it was an honor to see her honored.

The Sweet By and By was up for the Carol Award, but we didn't win. And yes, it was an honor to be nominated.

I loved seeing my friends and connecting with new ones. So many little details I could write about but it was just a fabulous weekend.

Monday I went back to my in-laws and crashed. :) Had a fun phone call that might result in fun news down the line. Stay tuned.

Tuesday I flew home. I was very grateful to see my hubby and our little dog, too!

Today, I'm catching up with email and Facebook, writing blogs, kind of taking a day to recoup. I can fee the tired in my bones.

By the way, Sara's new song, A Little Bit Stronger is out! Down load it for a listen! It's a great song.

More later! Peace, peace, peace.


Leigh Duncan said...

Welcome home, Rachel!

Jodi Girden said...

love the picture of you with the buckeye! we were so happy that you got to be there! we've really missed you here...glad you are back and hope you get deep rest the next few days. ;)