Tuesday, October 20, 2009

4 Writers and Me on what makes us feel MOST like ourselves

In Oprah's eponymous magazine, there's a fun article: "4 Authors on What Makes Them Feel Most Like Themselves.

Among the featured authors was Anne Lamott, author of Bird by Bird, Traveling Mercies, and Imperfect Birds. Here's Anne's answers.

I look most like myself…in worn jeans and a tight-ish white T-shirt.

I act most like myself…at church, overeating after worship.

I feel most like myself… lying in bed on Sunday mornings with the dogs and the cat, reading The New York Times.

I feel least like myself…when I have to socialize with people I do not know.


I thought it'd be fun to play along, in all of my writerly anonymity.

I look most like myself…in worn jeans and a T-shirt or top, wearing flip flops or my Ohio State crocks.

I act most like myself…at church, at home with friends. Well, pretty much anytime. I am what I am!

I feel most like myself… when I'm with hubby, writing or watching DVDs. When I'm worshipping.

I feel least like myself…when I'm around certain individuals in the publishing industry. I feel so awkward and geeky.

What about you? What makes you feel most like yourself. If you're so inclined, copy and paste the question into the comments and give your own answers!

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Rachel Cotterill said...

I always feel like myself, except when I'm writing fiction, when I find it helps to feel like someone else! I look most like myself in smart jeans, a bright top & co-ordinating earrings.

Sharon Ball said...

I love this post, Rachel. I'm most like myself when I'm wearing capri's and a T-shirt--nothing fancy. I'm least like myself when I'm schmoozing and hanging with movers and shakers (my previous position required a lot of this). Spending time with my hubby and my family is home--it's where I live in my soul when I'm not hanging out with Jesus.

Rachel Hauck said...

Rachel, that's cool. I do like a good pair of earrings! And clothes that fit well.

Sharon, I understand the mover and shaker thing. I've felt comfortable in those positions before, but a lot of time uncomfortable. Family and home is the best place outside being in Jesus's presence!


Velma said...

This really got me to thinking. . .I look most like myself in a long baggy shirt with comfy stretch pants and no shoes (at home).
I act most like myself at church and with family and friends.
I feel most like myself when I'm spending time with the people I love--my hubby, my sister, my nephew and nieces, my daddy or when I'm relaxing in my big comfy chair with a good book. I also like to sing in the car when I'm all by myself.
I feel least like myself when I'm around the "big wigs" from the county office of our school system.

Rachel Hauck said...

Great answers, Velma!