Saturday, September 26, 2009

College Game Day

It's college football season -- a whole four months of "holidays" for me. I love this time of year. Love college football.

We don't have a TV with Dish or cable hookup, so I miss watching games at random, having the TV on all day, so we have to select our time to go out and watch games. Usually, Ohio State, of course.

Not having television has disadvantages, but the advantages outweigh them. It's just too easy to flip on the telly.

Instead we watch DVDs, read, umm, write books. Well, I do. Tony writes vicariously.

I talked last night to our church women about prayer. Prayer is the aqueduct in which the Spirit flows in and through us. But if we have so many distractions we cannot settle down and focus.

And if it's not TV, it's the internet, or sheesh, iPhones and Blackberries.

I can see the Lord of Heaven waving His hand over the earth. "Silence!"

Then immediately following. "OH-IO!"

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