Monday, April 27, 2009

Climbing back onto the wagon

... of blogging.

I know, I know, I fell off again. I'm sorry! Deadline. This book goes to my fab editor in two weeks and I'm in the midst of rewriting and editing.

It's amazing how time and emotion consuming writing is, and when down time comes, blogging, even reading is far from my mind.

I got hooked on reruns of The Practice on Thank goodness not all the seasons are on the site. I'm almost done with the current postings.

Geez, we got rid of the Dish and find entertainment distractions on the web. ACK! It follows us, it follows us.

The first book with Sara Evans is pretty much ready to go! Save the first printing which probably comes soon. Look for the release this August! Wow, can't wait!! I'm so excited about this series.

Be blessed. Jesus loves you.

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Sharon Hayes said...

CONGRATULATIONS & HALLELUJAH on finishing the book - now on to the re-writes I'm praying you don't have much of that!!.

Love you so MUCH!!