Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Where Your Treasure Is

We're talking through Matthew 6 in home church. Last night we focused on verses 16 - 24. Jesus is telling us we can't serve God and money. Where are treasure is, we'll find our heart.

It's true. The idea that what you give yourself to will draw in your heart. I used the example of a television show. Before we cut off Direct TV, I'd look forward to certain shows, even feel those happy endorphins surging through me.

I had affection for these shows. I was starting to believe I needed them to enhance my life. How could I keep up with pop culture if I wasn't tracking with Idol or The Office?

For me, affection for "Hollywood" stifles my affection for Jesus. I was squeezing in prayer and the Word, which are really inner passions of mine, so I could "relax" and watch a show or two. Crazy!

My treasure was becoming something so invaluable, so shallow, so not eternal as entertainment. I'm not against entertainment, I'm against my affections being attached to it.

Where are you struggling? To get time with the Lord? To get away from a sin issue? To love your spouse, or your kids?

Are you considering them treasure? Are you spending time with what you value? Sin or righteousness, where you spend your time, your heart will follow.

We have to choose to turn toward good, to love, to give, to spend time in prayer, or in exercise or whatever, then your heart will follow.

Too much, we want our feelings and affections to lead the way. So we don't manage our time and affections well and we wonder why we're not achieving what our mind tells us we should. :)

Since cutting off the Dish, my entertainment treasure chest is shrinking. In fact, I'm annoyed at a lot of what I see coming out of Hollywood. Hubby and I do enjoy a DVD series now and again, but ah, we could do without it.

But in reality, we have to give our time and thoughts toward loving the One who loved us first. As we do, our treasure will be in Him. We will feel affection for Jesus, feel His affection for us. Isn't that so cool.

God is love. Make no mistake...


Glynis said...

Well said. I've noticed that I am definitely guilty of "squeezing in" my prayer and study time whenever I have a minute. Not something I'm proud of. Thanks for sharing! (and btw, just finished 'Lost in NashVegas' and LOVED IT!!)

Rebekah said...

good post

Sharon Hayes said...

Well Rachel you did it again, especially the para about wanting our "feelings" to lead us. I've been waiting on "feelings" to get back into exercise and "nothins happenin" :o) Guess I'm going to have to take the first step - my body is sure telling me I need to.

Rachel Hauck said...

Glad you liked Lost In Nashvegas Glynis! Thanks for stopping by.