Saturday, December 20, 2008

Finished writing the book

I've been a rewriter frenzy for the past few week, since we got home from Thanksgiving in Tennessee.

Butt in chair about 10 - 16 hours a day. Yes, I take breaks, eat lunch, walk the dog. I'm the cleanest writer in the world during crunch days. I take a bath when I'm stuck, frustrated, need to think, or feeling the pain of muscle strain.

Works every time. As soon as I sit in the hot water, an idea hits. I scrub up and get out. Back to work. One day I think I took five baths.

There, more than you wanted to know about my writing life.

Hubby and I are enjoying the Christmas season though we've not done much shopping or prepping. Just the tree. He put up house lights today. Monday I'll get into the swing of things.

The photo is of my annual Christmas ornament exchange lunch with former co-workers.

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angela said...

I'm the same way with my baths. Showers are good, too. Though it means I have crazy hair, because I let it air dry while I type on the computer. :-) Lookin' forward to your book.