Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering 9.11

Nine o'clock on a Tuesday morning, I was standing in the lobby of the Imported Car store, finalizing some issue with my brand new Volkswagen Cabrio.

People were talking about the Twin Towers being hit, an airplane crash or something. While it was weird, I didn't feel immediate alarm.

Back at the office, the news was coming out. The tragedy, the unbelievable sight of the towers crumbling. The notion of terrorism coming to America.

And I was glad George Bush was in office. His speech was amazing. He was praised by all the newscaster and politicians. Congress VOTED TO GO TO WAR.

Now, they are hypocrites. They deny what happened. They don't care about American lives and soldiers, they don't care to honor those who died for freedom, they only care about power. We have an enemy America, and "he" came calling seven years ago today.

Radical Islam wants to take over the world. We are in their way. And our next president is a critical component to them winning or losing.

We need a strong leader, one willing to stand up and fight. Sometimes talking isn't enough. It doesn't work. It's like arguing with your stubborn, determined kid, only ten times worse.

Radical Islamic values are not our values. They don't care about things we care about. They believe Allah has called and chosen them to do his will and convert the whole world to their ways. Where is there any room for compromise and deals, treaties and fairness. There isn't.

Our brothers and sisters who died in the Twin Towers, and our fighting men and women who gave their lives will have done so in vain if we do not fight this war to win. The biggest issue with Nam was the boys weren't allowed to fight to win. Let's not make THAT mistake again.

Fight to win. Fight to preserve freedom not only in America, but for those in other countries. The more who are free, the more the world will be free.

We need men and women in our government who don't care about our country being liked, but respected. As a parent, you're not always liked, but you sure better be respected. It's respect, not like, that causes your kids to obey.

Obama is not a partriot. He was not raised in America. And when he was here, he lived with people who despised their country. He's attended a church for 20 years that rewarded men (Luis Farrakhan) for blaspheming their country. Why does he even want to be president? It makes me wonder. He wants to change who we are, and what made us great.

If he's president, there will be more terrorist attack because our enemies see him as weak. Why do you think they endorse him. Think about it. Our enemies endorse one of our political candidates. And are we so ignorant as to think it's only because he's the man they want to negotiate with? They see what we don't - someone they can manipulate.

While I don't agree with everything McCain is and has done, I believe he'll fight for his country just like he did 40 years ago. He's sacrificed his own body for our freedoms so what is to keep him from fighting if he's in the White House. He knows what is at stake.

Our enemies don't want him. Hmmm...

If we care at all about 9.11, it's memory and the life of those impacted by this terrorist attack, we must continue to vote for freedom, a strong defense and for a man and woman who will see that we remain the great nation we are today.


Tracy Ruckman said...

Amen, Rachel. This is so true, so important - it saddens me that there are people who just don't get it.

Thank you.

Sharon Hayes said...

Great post Rachel - I watched most of the services today we need to be constantly reminded of what the terrorist did to us, and continue to fight against terrorism & stand up for freedom.

JoAnne said...

GREAT post, Rachel!

JoAnne Simmons