Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Post Conference Thoughts

I'm home three days now from the ACFW Conference in Minneapolis. This was our seventh, and thus, my seventh conference.

As always, I love my time there and am exhausted by Friday morning, but always come home with some regrets. I didn't meet enough new people, or I didn't get to hang out with long time friends, or I missed a good workshop.

Randy Ingermanson, who clearly doesn't have a life, wrote a long detailed, day-by-day account of his conference experience, and while I aspire to great heights most of the time, I'm not sure I can match Randy's high standard.


I needed to connect with a publishing professional. I'd cried on his shoulder at last year's conference and he listened, advised, and affirmed me. I'd emailed him an update in the spring, but he didn't respond. So, hmm, I'd wondered if he'd gotten it. He didn't.

So, we sorta made our way toward each other and he said, "So...., how are things..." And I knew he didn't get my email. I was able to update him, again be affirmed by this wise man. It meant so much to me.

I'd lost SLEEP earlier this year over some issues, and his words to me in Minneapolis were exactly what I needed to hear. I praise God for Christians in our publishing world who really reflect the heart of Jesus.

Thank you! You know who you are.

Chip MacGregor

He is so funny. I am still laughing at some of his agent stories. I also have a lot of respect for him as an industry professional.

Allen Arnold

Spending a few hours with him during down time, as well as other attendees, catching up, sharing stories, hearing the back story of a project I'm working on for Thomas Nelson.

Allen also presented a great Early Bird, and an informative Late Night Chat on questions authors should ask their publishers.

The Board

I always love the joint Board meeting - Operating and Advisors. It's just good to be in a room, talking about ideas, seeing where ACFW is going.

Getting to know....

Jocelyn Bailey from Thomas Nelson. She's lovely, and I'm hearing, a great addition to the Nelson team. I can see it!

Beth Jusino, Beth Adams, Andy Meisenheimer, Rachelle Gardner, who so kindly ran down to Barnes & Noble for me during the Mall of America book signing to buy my books so I had something on the table with me.

All around me, the other authors had books, displays, candy, stress donuts, dancing clowns... Okay maybe no dancing clowns. All I had bookmarks. It was funny. Thank you, Rachelle!

I also got to know some great new friends from My Book Therapy Voices. Jenness, Tracy, Denice and Lisa. Also met a new writer Chris Kraft, and Sara and her mom Lynn. I know there were more, so if I left off your name, post a comment!

I do love meeting with attendees and knowing new people. OH, I met Golden Parsons who is a new historical author with Nelson, and Beth who's coming out with a Amish book with Nelson.

And Jenny B. Jones! So good to really connect with her and she definitely wins the "most excited about. . ." award. I appreciate you, friend!

I also met Jennifer Anderson, who worked tirelessly with Susie and me to pull off the My Book Therapy Pizza Party! I was amazed by her. So creative and dedicated. Thank you, Jennifer!

Loved connecting with Elizabeth Musser, and Debbie Giusti who is a fellow Buckeye! Spent time with Sara Sumpolec, and Love Inspired authors, as the list goes on.

Late Saturday hung with the Barbour folks. I loved that Annalisa Daughtey won her category of the Genesis and a BOOK CONTRACT! We brainstormed her stories with her last year, and she's too, too cute and sweet! Yay!!!

Didn't get to spend enough time with Christine Lynxwiler or Susan Downs, nor Susie Warren though we roomed together. She was busy. ;) Missed having Tracey Bateman there!

Chatted with Rusty Shelton from Phoenix and Phoenix Publicity, and editors from Waterbrook and Tyndale.

Lots of chatting going on, no?

I loved the worship team! Such a great group with worshipper hearts, every single one! Thank you guys so much. It was also an honor to have my "girls" there this year, Cassie Campbell who played guitar for the team, and Carrie Campbell who gave her support and new drummer skills for Harp & Bowl.

Conference is a great experience. Something that pushes me forward. Now? It's time to write! Best get to it.


Sharon Hayes said...

Love to hear about all the people you talk to how do you remember everyone?

It all sounds so interesting. Can't wait for your next book to come out.

Lisa said...

Sounds like a great time. We have our annual teacher's conference (ACSI) next week. Not nearly as fun, but I always come away with something. The best moments of these trips come from the fact that we are too cheap to spring for a hotel for the night, so we drive the 2 hours each morning. Lack of sleep and a van full of teachers, makes for a loopy bunch of ladies. We usually end up having a "name that tv theme song" game which is always a hoot. And they actually have the audacity to call those two days we go to the conference our "fall break."
Happy writing!

Rachelle said...

Rachel, I wished I could have spent more time with you, but it was so great talking with you for the time we did have. Truly my pleasure!

Glad you had a fun and productive time at ACFW. Can't wait till next year!

Tracy said...

Hi there. I am officially coming out of hiding to find out if you received the pictures I sent.
.............fading.......back.......into.....the....... background........ :)

Rachel Hauck said...

Tracy, no I didn't! Send them again, please!


jenness said...

Hi, Rachel! :-) I had fun getting to know you a little better, and hope we can get together before next year's conference. My hubby wants to come meet you...but alas, not because he loves your books. (Don't feel bad--he hasn't even read mine.) But because we think maybe you live near our closest Texas Roadhouse. lol

Rachel Hauck said...

Jenness! LOL, come on up, girl. Texas Roadhouse is right at our Palm Bay exit off 95.

Loved meeting you face to face!


Rel said...

Loved hearing your ACFW news!

Heather Diane Tipton said...

worship... harp and bowl... truly rocked this year as always.

totally understand having regrets, I had regrets at this conference too, I blogged about it too. (I feel a little better knowing I wasn't the only one posting about regrets, most of the posts I've seen have been the other way. LOL)

Anita Mae said...

Rachel, I enjoyed meeting you first at the workshop where we learned what guys really think and then at the pizza party.

I was so blessed by the worship team. I'd never heard the 'Revelation Song' before but it stuck with me.

After the conference, I headed up past Grand Marais where Susan Warren lives, and visited my mom in Thunder Bay. On Sunday, Mom took me to a church where the worship team started and ended the service with the Revelation Song. It was bittersweet. The music and words flowed through me in worship but so did the memories of the conference.

My teen daughter leads worship at our small country church and I've already found the Revelation Song on the net for her to listen to. Hopefully, she'll teach it to our congregation soon.

Rachel Hauck said...

Anita Mae, it was so GREAT to meet you, too! Thanks for coming to the pizza party!

Keep in touch!

Tell your daughter Revelation Song is easy to learn and so powerful to sing! :)