Sunday, August 17, 2008

This is for you, Lisa

Lisa commented on my last post she's crunched to get her lesson plans ready for the school year, then asked, "How do you handle things when a deadline is staring you in the face, Rachel?"

Well, Lisa, I do what you do. Freak. Eat chocolate, drink Diet Coke, run out for a sandwich. Pray. A lot. I always start out calm, but some where along the line I'm overwhelmed with the details, or insecurities. "Who will want to read this book?" Or, "I'm letting my editor and publisher down."

I hate worrying, I hate losing sleep. I try to work steadily to meet my daily word count, but sometimes now matter how much I write and work, the story isn't coming out right. I've learned to trust the Lord, and my editors. My strength is rewriting, so having words on the page gives me something to work with, and helps my confidence.

I try to focus on Jesus, His light and love in and around me. I figure if I'm in Him, then the stories are in Him and He cares about the book and characters as much as I do, probably more.

After I turned in Love Starts With Elle my editor summarized her view of my work in her editorial letter and those enlightening and encouraging words still resonate in my heart. Writers, at least this writer, doubts their ability to write one more good book. "I did it once, but I can't do it again."

But the same Spirit that hovered over the deep and formed the earth lives in me. (Romans 8) So why can't I get better? Why not?

It's all about faith. Being confident I'm doing what God destined me to do and He'll see me through to the end! Isaiah 41:13.


Sharon Hayes said...

Great response Rachel - transparent and therefore encouraging - directing all of us to our true source of strength & creativity.

Love you Much

Lisa said...

Thanks, Rachel! Your wonderful post made me cry. I forgot to mention that I tend to do crazy things during this crunch time too. Like color my hair(I'm waiting for it to dry enough for me to go to bed) the night before open house. Your words are so true! That is exactly how I got through today. Even when my husband called to say he was working overtime, and I had to completley rearrange my already tight schedule. I lost it for a minute, but my friend encouraged me, and said very much the same things you said. I guess God really wanted me to get this today! Thanks again!