Friday, August 08, 2008


On 7.7.'77, I was sixteen, working at Publix in Cutler Ridge, FL.

One of the bag boys, Ronny Paul, said today is 7.7.'77 and noted how many years it would be before we had 8.8.'88, and 9.9.'99 and now it's 8.8.08.

What's in a number anyway?

Here's what I wrote in my diary on July 7, '77.

"Today is 7,7,'77 - cute uh? When I woke up I kind of felt the twangs of leaving but soon under control. Spent the day packing and etc. LR's car broke down at the house and Steve Emmens and friend came to tow it away. Work was OK. Blocked down most of the night. Not much else. Love, Rachel -n- Pete."

We were moving in a few weeks to Tallahassee from Homestead. It was a sad yet good thing in my life, the family's life. LR is my friend Lorena Rastrick Sikking. Pete was my boyfriend at the time.

Today my life is very different. I'm not sixteen, I'm not living with my parents or facing a major move. I don't have two years of high school left, nor the years ahead of college and training that comes with growing up and becoming an adult.

But I knew God had a plan for me. If anything in my life has ever been blessed, on the right track or redeemed, it's because God had a plan for me.

My life is charmed in many ways. We're not rich, nor famous (though I did meet a reader last night and she actually was awe-struck for about ten seconds. Even Tony and her granddaughter noticed.)

We have missed out on the blessing of children, but are so cocooned in the heart and will of God I literally have no complaints. I am as Paul admonishes, "content." Well, minus the political landscape of my country, and the cultural war, but that's for another time.

I'm writing on a really fabulous project with a co-author and it's going so great, so far. We had a call yesterday with Thomas Nelson and when I hung up, I just thought, "Thank you, Lord. You are too good to me. This is truly unmerited favor."

Tonight we have a wedding, two former youth marrying. It'll be fun and I'm really happy for them.

Well, off to work some before wedding festivities.


Lynette Sowell said...

I remember 7-7-77 VERY WELL. I was 9 back then. The night of 7-6, we went to a church dinner, and my mom was MAJORLY pregnant. Her water broke, and we left the dinner. Dad rushed Mom to the hospital 30 miles away. My younger sister and I were babysat by two young but grouchy nuns who had been at the dinner. A HUGE thunderstorm happened that night and I couldn't sleep. Early in the hours of 7-7-77, my baby sis Amy was born.

Yes, my life is wayyyy more different than I imagined, but I'm blessed and content. :) Have fun tonight!

Lisa said...

I would've been 4 in 7-7-77, and don't even remember it. I don't remember 8-8-88 either.
I suppose getting married on a date like 8-8-08 has the advantage of it being much easier to remember your anniversary! Wedding receptions are so much fun. As long as there is dancing. In Northwest Indiana we're partial to the Cha-Cha Slide.