Sunday, April 27, 2008


Well, we're glued to the TV these days, watching Todd Bentley and the healing revival God is doing over in Lakeland.

Just through the TV, we feel the anointing, tear up as we watch chronically ill people receive healing.

Todd's fun to watch. He'll exclaim, "Bam!" as he prays for people. Today, he explained the phrase just comes out of him. He doesn't intend to say it.

God loves to do fun and unusual stuff. If the weirdest thing a healing revivalist does is cry out, "Bam!" how can we complain? ;)

Anyway, watching this has really increased Tony and my faith to pray and believe for healing. This morning (Sunday) Tony spoke at the Vineyard Church and afterwards, we prayed for people.

An older woman came to me for prayer for her knee. She had knee replacement surgery in December and has been in pain and discomfort since.

I ask the Lord to heal her. She went out in the spirit and as she lay on the floor, her knee twitched and moved. The result?

Pain gone. She could bend and raise her knee which she hadn't been able to do in years. She knew she was healed.

She even got on her hands and knees - another thing she couldn't do - and got up off the floor. Stood on one leg, the "damaged" leg and felt no pain. Nor was she wobbly!

Isn't God good? AMEN!

Our friend Chelle was with us and she prayed for a man who's back was in pain. He felt heat and the pain left.

We are excited. God is moving! God HEALS!


Julie said...

I've watched the past two nights and it is pretty awesome!

Our church has been praying "The Kingdom of Heaven" prayer from Matthew and we've had many healing testimonies come forward! I just realized this morning that my back hasn't hurt for weeks after I was put on the prayer chain!! I was having to get chiropractic treatments weekly and haven't been back b/c it DOESN'T hurt! Praise the Lord!

Georgiana said...

Amen! God is so awesome--I just love to watch Him work.

Sharon Hayes said...

AWESOME!! So wonderful how the Lord used you and Chelle - what did he move through Tony? I was at a meeting at church last night and didn't think about Todd being on - sure wish I could see him on TV instead of computer.

Jonathan said...

Todd is a friend of a friend, so I've gotten to hang with him a bit when he's been here in Michigan. Great guy.

So far as the healings that God's been doing, that's pretty awesome too! My second sister was recently healed instantly of permanent nerve damage in her eye that had caused partial blindness. The doctors had just given her a report that she was going to have to live with that for the rest of her life. God had other plans... :o)

How did you happen to send me a friend request on Twitter? I'd love to hear from you... the guest book on my site would be a perfect place to leave a comment if you get a chance to stop by. :o)

Issaquah Chiropractor said...

One reason why I love to live life because I am so excited about the goodness of God that He did to me everyday.