Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Romans 5

I love, love, love singing the Word. Get a three or four chord progression going and God's Word opens up and speaks to the human heart.

I've been super-duper busy lately and while it is NO excuse, my prayer and Word time has been scattered.

So, I sat at the keyboard this afternoon and opened to Romans 5.

I love this... starting in verse 3:

"Exalt in tribulation and trials. It brings about perseverance. Perseverance helps us develop proven character and out of that we have hope.

Hope does NOT disappoint. Look, God poured out His love within our hearts through the Holy Spirit whom He gave to us."

Isn't that amazing? God purposefully poured out His love in us, then gave us His Spirit to keep us in love.

One of the problems in American today, the Church chief among them, is we don't want to endure. We want the quick fix. We want life easy and simple, someone to fix everything for us. We don't own up to our own weaknesses and faults.

Listen, if the first thing out of your mouth when times are hard is, "Well, my mother..." Or, "My Dad..." Or, "My boss..." Substitute what you will... husband, kids, agent, editor, neighbor, pastor...

Stop pointing the finger, look inside, confess your sins and endure. Develop proven character. We need a whole lot more character in this world. We are so busy blaming and spinning the truth. Let it start within me, within my hearts.

I want proven character. I want hope. I want the love of God dwelling in me richly.

Here's the best part of this Roman passage. Verse 8.

"But God demonstrates His own love toward us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."

I've written four books in first person present. I am. I go. I want. I say. The reason I did this was for the immediacy. It has a "now" feel.

"God demonstrates" has the same immediacy, now feel. God demonstrating His love for us is not past tense. It's every day. Current. Happening even now.

As I was singing this verse, taking a direction of Jesus dying on the Cross, singing how He faced the grave, defeated all of Hell, took the keys of death, I stopped.

Whoa. Heavy reavy.

God is life, right? Holds all of life in His hands. Adam, in the Garden, surrender his authority over death to his enemy, Satan.

Jesus came as a man, faced His enemy for all of human kinds, think David and Goliath, defeated Satan and took the authority over Death from him. Now Jesus, a Man, holds the keys. A man of love, an intercessor, who also happens to be God.

Look, I know we all know this at some level. But it hit me deeper today. Jesus. A man. Fixed what Adam screwed up. Only a human could take the keys of death away from him. So God said, "I'll do it for them by becoming one of them."

Amazing!!! There is NO other religion in the world with this kind of Hero. None. No one compares to Jesus. None. Investigate for yourself. Compare. You'll see.

Well, off  to check on my cake.


Sharon Hayes said...

Wonderful post Rachel thanks for sharing.

Cake?? What kind of cake hmmmm?

Love Mom

Katie said...

Thanks for your thoughts today. I love that you said "No one compares to Jesus." It's a simple message-but so true. No one and nothing compares to Jesus.

I haven't commented on your blog in a long while and I wanted to say hi. You may remember me as "wildmindgirl" on the ACFW--now going by Katie from Albuquerque. I have a new blog and a new committment to writing. It's good to be back with quality people such as yourself. (The cake sounds nice too.)


Rel said...

Thank you, thank you :)