Sunday, March 30, 2008

Behind the Scenes 5: Sweet Caroline

The ending of Sweet Caroline is unusual and unpredictable. But the ending is not random, but thought out and planned. There's a reason I ended the story the way I did.

Don't despair, we learn more about Caroline in Elle's story, Love Starts With Elle.

Caroline's ending is part of her life's journey. For the first time in her life, she knows God is real, He loves her and she surrenders her will to His.

She discovers a great destiny and joy in following Jesus. She had to see if she could deny herself and serve Him as much as she denied herself to serve others. Caroline had to know the source of her inner strength. Not herself, not Mitch, not the safety of Beaufort.

Sweet Caroline has a very happy ending, just a-typical.

I wrote the story to be true to Caroline and the story itself.


Tracy Ruckman said...

You succeeded. Any other ending would have felt like author intrusion - contrived.

Sharon Hayes said...

Rachel, while Sweet Caroline didn't end the way "I" wanted it to, the ending was intriging and along with so many other aspects of the book, made Sweet Caroline the best yet - it wasn't "run of the mill" but exciting. Can't wait for For Love of Elle.

Since reading your "Behind the Scenes" I'm going to re-read . . Caroline

Love you so much

Rel said...

It was perfect and I'm so glad you went with your heart :)

Ausjenny said...

I really liked the ending too cos she was finally thinking of herself first. cant wait for Elle story