Thursday, November 01, 2007

My own favorite one testimony

Sunday morning I didn't lead worship, so I sat in the congregation. I'd been struggling with a couple of issue, praying, seeking God, asking what I should do about them.

I repented of attitudes I'd had - even though my struggle was balancing what I discerned about a situation without judging and being angry. We've all been there.

As I stood trying worshipping, but mostly repenting, I was getting anywhere. Feeling more condemned. Worship is supposed to be about Him. Once I've dealt with my guilt and sin by repenting, I should be confident I'm forgiven and enter His presence.

Suddenly, I stopped, exhaled and said, "Jesus, here I am, Your favorite one."

WHOOOSH! My eyes filled with tears as love and peace washed over me. I could enter into worship. Great feeling.


Sharon Hayes said...

Oh WOW Rachel, want a wonderful experience and testimony. Isn't our Lord and Savior wonderful? No man-made "god" can do that!!!!

Love Mom

Kristy Dykes said...

Phooey. I took your challenge the other day and then forgot to do it. Your post today reminded me to do it. So I'm doing it. "Here I am, Jesus. Your favorite (favored) one." That feels good! Thanks again for this challenge, Rachel.