Sunday, June 04, 2006

Relaxing Day

Relaxing day watching movies: more research. Ray and Almost Famous. We had thunderstorms so it was a perfect lazy around, movie day.

Hung out with Jesus later, then did email and such.

Friday night Fire Dweller we did an unplugged set and it was really good. Of course, we didn't record any of the worship, but a lot of the antiphonal songs were awesome. Stories.

Tony is home from camp and doing well, thought he's really tired from camp stll. He looks cute with his tan and scraggly beard. Though, the camp t-shirt went straight in the trash. Neon green... literally hurts my eyes.

Pals ears are healed. And oh, this is funny. I was on the keyboard singing and worshipping, and Pal came in to join me. I'm singing Javi's song, "Lord, I want to love you more, than I ever have before..."

And Pal joins me. Ahooo, arrgh, arrgh, arrgh, ahooo. Too funny.

Grace and peace.

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Ivy said...

Hello Rachel!
you don't know me personally, but my name is Ivy Williams[one of Marie Williams' children], and I am one of the Tallahassee people that come every year to In the Fire. I was searching for the song that Javi sings: "Lord I want to love you more, than I ever have before," and I came to your site! i want to ask you for a very big favor :D Is there anyway that I could get the name of that song and the music???? Did Javi write it? That song has been on my heart, and i hear it every year that we come, but I can't find the name or music! :(
Here is my contact info so that you can respond:
Thank you, and God Bless!