Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My live, is pretty much, boring

My life is pretty boring. I write, go to the gym, go to church, come home...

A life without chaos is a good life, though I can't blame drama on writing delays. I'm rarely if ever sick. Can't remember the last time I had a cold.

I want to write exciting, funny blogs, but all my creativity is eaten up writing novels. I'd post my political views if I wanted to be a lightning rod for controversy. I don't.

I'd post my of my spiritual insights, but I feel like I'm being preachy or holier-than-thou. So, there you have it, the blog dilemma.

In case you were wondering.

But here's the real questions. Will Tom Cruise really marry Katie Holmes?


Heather Diane Tipton said...

creativity all taken up with your novels... good thing. (sucks for us who read your blog...but when we read your books, you'll redeem yourself. :-p )

political... yeah that wouldn't be good.

spiritual insights... that could be interesting. I like it when you blog about that and never thought you were preachy or holier-than-though.

oh look, I've written a novel for a comment... sorry about that

Anonymous said...

AMEN to Heather's comments :-)
Love you Mom