Monday, September 20, 2004

To Denver and Beyond

I'm home from Denver and the third annual Write From The Heart conference. What a great week. Tiring, but good. I flew out on Monday to avoid any Hurricane Ivan delays, bunked with Allison Monday night and moved into my room with Tracey Bateman on Tuesday.

Friend Susan Downs came in on Tuesday. We hung out and watched a really bad movie. Troy. I recommend watching it when it comes on Mystery Science Theater 3000 and three little heads in the front row keep a running comedy commentary.

Tracey came in on Wednesday and we had dinner with Susan, Susie and Chris Lynxwiler. Lots of ACRWers were coming in for the conference and we had a good time greeting everyone.

One of the funniest nights was when Susie needed a new title for her chic lit. For two hours, she detailed the theme and plot of her story trying to come up with a title. I fell asleep. When I woke up, they were still talking and I hear Susie say, "It's all about Josie." Bam! It hit me. That's the title. So, from what they thought was a dead sleep, I spoke. "That's your title. It's all about Josie." Dead calm, then rip-roaring cheering. "That's the title."

Laughing, Susie jumped on my side of the bed. So, we accomplished much at the conference.

Francine Rivers was our keynote. Most excellent, classy lady. I really enjoyed meeting her and hearing her speak.

I'm home again. It feels good. September has been a really weird month. Bugging out of Frances's way, returning home with no electricity for eight days, flying out to Denver for a week. Just a weird, off balance kind of month. I need to connect with the Lord in a deep way. He's so good to me. He gave me four words for people while in Denver, so that was cool.

Asa came home from the hospital without having to have a pacemaker. God is sooo good! I can't wait to see the little guy. What a trooper he is.

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