Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Diary of a Writer: Spitting out words

That's what I'm doing... spitting out words. I'm on a tight deadline and I started with a Ready! Fire! Aim!

Sometimes that's what you have to do. I'm working it out as I write, thought I've done some plotting, some planning, some character work.

While writing, I'll hit upon moments that feel very real, then write myself out of the moment and wonder what happened.

But I keep writing. It's key to finding the story. Keep writing.

Ignoring the lump in your throat-chest-stomach when the days and time tick by and even 3000 word count days feel like failure.

It's the price and privilege of writing a novel.

Ray Bradbury died today. He encouraged writers with this: “You fail only if you stop writing.”

So true! You can't change what isn't there. That's the best part to me... changing what's there! 

Summer plans are sneaking up. My sister wants to gather at my mom's at the end of the month, but my husband's family is having a get together the first of July. Neither families live near us so we have to decide what to do, when, where and how.

I'm attending the International Christian Retail Show in Orlando later in July, then heading to Portland for the Oregon Christian Writer's Conference.

And there are books to be written.

We've been in our house one year. And the Lord continues to makes adjustments and changes in our lives. Blessings. Moving us forward.

My turret tower is feeling more and more like home. As is the rest of the house. Our neighborhood is peaceful and friendly.

The Wedding Dress is doing well. Thank you all for reading and spreading the news! 

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Gabrielle Meyer said...

Hello, Rachel. I see and hear your name all over the blogosphere and wanted to stop by and say hello. Your turret tower sounds enchanting. :) We've been in our new home a year now, too. I don't have a turret, but I have the Mississippi flowing behind my house.