Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beautiful Brides: Robin Lee Hatcher

Continuing the tour of beautiful brides... Here's Robin Lee Hatcher in '89! Doesn't she look great?

Robin writes:

First a note about my wedding dress. It was purchased for and worn first by my 5' 10" eldest daughter.

Two years later, I wore it (as I am under 5' 6" it had to be shortened plus I used a belled slip). The year after me, my youngest daughter wore it; she's 5' 8" and very thin, so the dress had to be taken in and she didn't wear a slip so that the length would work.

One is of us cutting the cake. It is pretty standard fair.

The second is my favorite photo from the wedding. Here's the story about that one: Jerry was a complete basket case before the wedding. He was so nervous during the ceremony.

But the instant the minister declared us man and wife, he relaxed and started having fun. We had finished taking all of the photographs in the sanctuary and I was headed outside to toss the bouquet.

I passed my beautiful big bouquet to Jerry and picked up the "throw away" bouquet to take outside.

The photographer and videographer were about to follow me. Then people started to laugh and the photographer went back. I turned around and there was Jerry, lying on the dais with my wedding bouquet looking like one for a funeral.

So I did a Perils of Pauline, woe-is-me pose and they shot some photos of us. Behind that hand, I was laughing like crazy.

(RH: That is hilarious! I love this picture!)

Last but not least, this photo was when the ladies from my romance writers chapter asked for a romantic pose, so Jerry gave them one.

(RH: Robin, I love your and Jerry's humor! I can see why you to love each other!) 


Casey said...

Married and buried...all in the same day!

Some men look at a wedding as such, I think. ;-)

Rachel Hauck said...

LOL, Casey! I think Robin and Jerry have a quirky since of humor!! Love it!


Robin Lee Hatcher said...

What can I say? Guilty as charged (quirky sense of humor part).

seemaryc said...

Married for 46 years and laughter and being "silly" has always been one of our favorite pastimes!

Rachelle Rea said...

Oh, man, if those pictures didn't make me laugh, then Casey's comment surely did! LOL!

Crystal Laine said...

You were such a beautiful bride! And these photos are great! Kind of reminds me of Sleeping reverse.