Friday, March 09, 2012

Standing n the Surf

I love this image. Standing on the edge of a turbulent surf, watching, the storm roll in. As I took this picture of friend Beth Vogt, I imagined for a moment I was not on shore but out at sea.

I wondered how high and how strong the waves crashed two, three, a hundred miles into the Gulf. No land in sight. No light to guide a ship.

I was comforted to have my feet were on terra slipping-sanda. ;) And deepened my resolve to never go on a cruise.

We have many conveniences today that ease the mind of a sailor at sea in a storm. Of a woman on the shore with her toes barely touching the surf. Of a parent who worries over his child.

The good, the bad, the pretty, the ugly, we all have some form of coping. We have some "technology" be it meds, music, technology, entertainment of all kinds, that kind of act as our "shore" in turbulent times.

As I've learned more lately about politics, our gov't, our President, my heart as often felt faint. I think I've made a safe place for my heart out of something that's shifting, washing away like the sand under my feet.

I've pledged alligence to things, people and places that do not really love me in return. TV doesn't love me. My iPhone doesn't. My local and national representatives don't love me. My governor and president don't love me.

They are not my source of strength and peace.

Jesus is my one true love. He's the only one whom I can truly lean upon in turbulent times. When I'm concerned or scared. When I see the dark clouds on the horizon, I trust He's got it all in command.

My job is to align my heart with His. And gratefully, He's able to do that for and with me, too.

What about you? What are your go-to sources for comfort instead of Jesus? He died for you, could you die a little to yourself for Him? All He wants is your heart.


Rachel @ The Lazy Christian said...

I had a similar revelation over the summer. (You can read it here: How many times have I tried to reach for things that are in motion instead of God, who's always fixed in the same place? I'm such a silly human sometimes!

Rachel Hauck said...

So true, Rachel. We are weak but He is strong!!


Holly Michael said...

Funny, how we feel so close to God in the powerful elements of his creation. I felt like this standing on the shore of the Arabian Sea while in India, feeling so small and God, so powerful. He's awesome.

Rachel Hauck said...


So true!