Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Count Your Blessings

This song played through my mind last week when I'd not yet watched White Christmas, or heard the song on the radio or Pandora. If only...

Count Your Blessings was as popular as Santa Baby this year! Can I call a moratorium on that song? Just me...

I closed worship Sunday with this song. "When I'm worried, and I can't sleep, I count my blessings instead of sheep..."

It was a lovely way to end a morning of fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ than to "count our blessings."

Tony and I have been extremely blessed this year. Last Thanksgiving while riding my bike before joining friends for dinner, I had a JOY attack. As I pedaled, waves of joy swelled in my heart. I'd laugh. I'd cry. I'd laugh again.

I had no idea the blessings coming to us this year. A new house with an amazing office for Tony and me. I have the "tower," he has the "dungeon." ;)

We cleared our debt and a friend's.

In the fall I was offered a new 3-book contract from Zondervan that miraculously matched my writing goals. I'm so humbled and honored.

I finally purchased an iMac.

Family and friends flooded in for visits. Friends from New York, our girl Carrie Campbell, Tony's brother and his family, our girl Cassie Campbell visited with a friend. Then my brother came with his wife and kids. And last but not least, my mom came for a very fun week.

I had a fun few days brainstorming with fab writers in Vero Beach.

Through it all, Tony and I have a general feeling of grace and well-being. Despite the economy, despite missed paychecks and other reductions in pay along with our living expenses going up a tad with the new home, we've lacked for nothing.

The Lord blessed in other ways. My writing income is increasing, and while a writers paycheck can be very unstable, this year birthed in my heart a greater reality that God can and will meet our needs.

I'm grateful, blessed, and so honored to be walking this journey with my husband and family, called and loved by Jesus. Honored to walk this with you.

I know, I've turned into a horrible blogger, so thank you for those of you who hang in there with me. I count YOU in my blessings.

So, what blessings are you counting this year? Let's purpose to be grateful and full of JOY.


Jeanne T said...

Love this song, and I always love reading your ponderings.

I'm thankful for much this year. My hubby has a stable job. My kids are healthy. The Lord continues to show His faithfulness in our lives, and to draw us closer to Himself. We have a home that keeps out the cold. And friends. And, so much more.

Thanks for reminding me to count my blessings.

Julie Jarnagin said...

That's my favorite Christmas movie and such a beautiful song. My blessings this year included watching my fun little boy turn three, the release of my first book with Heartsong, and a happy and healthy family. There's not a lot more I could ever want.

Julie said...


I got so excited when I saw your post. I love, love, love this song and keep a cd of Don McClean's version in my car at all times. Neat to see it being appreciated.

-And what do you mean a horrible blogger? Your posts are 'quality'--How does that saying go? (I feel great if I manage a couple posts a month.)

Merry Christmas!

Julie M.

Beth K. Vogt said...

Ah, "White Christmas" is one of my "must-watch" movies during the Christmas season.
And I, too, have many blessings to count.
One of them? You.
You have given me the gift of your friendship, the gift of your insight, the gift of prayer.
And I am blessed with what 2012 holds: a debut novel!
And even without that amazing opportunity, I know God loves me and believes in me.
And that is enough.

Rachel Hauck said...

Jeanne T, sometimes its the day to day things we miss and those are what we really need to count as blessings! Way to be....

Julie J, congrats on the Heartsong!! fantastic! :)

Julie, I've not heard Don McClean's version. I'll check it out. Horrible blogger.... I don't blog as much as I should. Once a week is not enough. But I plod along. :)

Beth, you've been a blessing to me this year! Thank you! So excited for your book to release!